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Telecoms Ready for 5G services in India fifth generation is of immense benefit!

With the advent of 5G wireless communication services, 21st century life is about to change, Telecoms Ready for 5G services in India fifth generation is of immense benefit!.

From smart cities to high-tech industries; 5G will transform all sectors, from social relations to national security. Chinese company Huawei has been the leader in this technological revolution. Huawei's company is no stranger to providing 5G technology and the necessary communication equipment to make the 5G services cheaper.

But there are fears that these cheap services will have to pay huge indirect costs. Huawei, In that case, the laws of the country require any Chinese company to collect information and provide it to the Chinese government when doing business abroad.

With the advent of 5G wireless communication services, 21st century life is about to change, Telecoms Ready for 5G services in India fifth generation is of immense benefit
The United States of America government is warning that it is a danger to the security of their country. This is why Huawei has been banned from offering public service contracts in the US. Australia and Japan have also built Huawei. Soon Canada and New Zealand will do the same.

Experts have warned that the 5G sector is not good for Pakistan's horny China, which is in conflict with India on other issues, as well as the Kashmir issue on international forum.

US warns of Huawei telecom equipment, China has said it has a wide range of telecommunication machines built by Huawei in European countries. Vodafone's announcement that Huawei has invented backdoors for supplied devices to expand its system in Italy has sparked a US warning.

However, European countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Spain continue to use Huawei 5G devices. By December 2019, Huawei had received a total of 65 contracts for the construction of 5G telecoms worldwide, half of them in Europe.

British telecom and Vodafone companies want Prime Minister Boris Johnson to verify that Huawei 5G devices have no backdoor and allow them to be used. On December 30 last year, India announced that it would allow Huawei to launch experimental 5G services.

Domestic companies such as Cisco of the US, Ericsson of Sweden, Nokia of Finland and Samsung of South Korea have announced the competition. Huawei has teamed up with Vodafone-Idea for 5G launches in Delhi and Bharti Airtel in Bangalore.

The Government of India has decided to launch 5G services by 2021 and 5G experiments conducted between January and March this year.

Five per cent 5G market in ten years

Japan will be showcasing 5G technology at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo this year. In fact, Japan wanted to showcase this technology in Guwahati between December 14-17 last year. At the summit to be held on those dates, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wanted to view the Brahmaputra River using 5G spectacles. Augmented Reality (AR) applications are eyeglasses with the help of a river view.

The Modi-Abe meeting was adjourned over Tokyo's appeal after concerns were raised in Assam against the Citizenship Amendment Act. By 2025, more than half of the world's 5G mobile subscribers will be in Japan, the US, China and South Korea.

Sweden and Finland are the top countries in this sector. India is inviting telecommunication companies of various countries to bid for 5G launches as it aims to capture a 5% share of the global 5G market (Rs 7 lakh crore) over the next 10 years. Huawei has been dismissing concerns that its devices have surveillance eyes.

Ensuring that the Chinese government does not provide information on other countries. That is why India, along with many other European countries, allows it. Huawei offers very affordable 5G phones and telecom equipment, starting with chipsets.

Moreover, there is always the risk of information phishing since 90% of India's telecom equipment is imported from foreign companies such as Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson.

Therefore, India's foreign telecoms equipment is not constantly undergoing surgery. We have to get a huge reward from other countries for entering our mobile market. We have to use it to reduce our trade deficit.

India has decided to allow Huawei to participate in the 5G launch of the unofficial summit of Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jin Ping at Mahabalipuram near Chennai last year.

Since 5G systems are the basis for the coming Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Era, India has decided not to back down in this competition. In the next five years, 60 million people in China will have 5G mobile connections, 66 percent in South Korea, 50 percent in the US and 49 percent in Japan.

To reach that level, India cannot afford to build a wider system from now on. That's why Huawei hopes to build its 5G machine with cheap devices.

To this end, Huawei's spying allegations can be ascertained. The Department of Central Communications is doing that from now on something safe.

The Government has announced that it will allow any foreign company to launch 5G experiments, as long as they have no security concerns. If Huawei does not win the test and meet the security concerns, India will withdraw its permission.

What are the challenges for launching 5G services in India

One thing is certain. Huawei is at least a year ahead of its competitors in 5G technology. Its equipment, as predicted, is also available at affordable prices.

Excluding Huawei and other Chinese companies from the launch of 5G will not only increase costs for India but also slow the pace of Digital India. Digital India would not have gone without 5G. 211 operators in 87 countries around the world have invested in 5G services.

As of March last year, 15 operators are offering 5G services on a commercial basis. India is still in the process of allowing eyeglasses for 5G experiments. In order to introduce full-scale 5G services in India, the first six months to one year of experimentation should be conducted.

After that, optical fiber networks, towers and millions of 5G WiFi hotspots should be installed. All this has to be done to launch 5G services on a commercial basis.

Deloitte expects to invest Rs 5 lakh crore in this project. Already Indian telecom service providers with debts of over 4.2 trillion rupees do not understand where new investments come from. Huawei devices are cheaper, so these costs can be reduced somewhat. And when auctioning the 5G spectrum, prices have to be set low.

Currently, spectrum prices in India are among the highest in the world. The Singapore government does not charge actual spectrum fees. This reduces costs for operators and customers, making it easier and faster to introduce advanced technologies. And by reducing taxes on telecom equipment, services and mobile devices, the 5G sector should be made attractive for investment.

It should be remembered that the digital India and Smart City projects with the help of 5G provide immense benefits financially.

For example, if Pune becomes a smart city, it will be worth Rs 80,000 crore in six years, according to a study. The city of Pune is home to over 35 lakh people covering just 331 sq km. With the expansion of digital services in a single city benefiting tens of billions of people, we can estimate the extent to which the country's GDP will grow.

Services 5G in India backbone for artificial intelligence

From automated cars to smart eyeglasses, 5G systems will provide artificial intelligence (AI) to penetrate into all aspects of tomorrow's life. 5G mechanisms are going to be the backbone for artificial intelligence use.

Huawei has emerged as the leading supplier of devices. The company owns 28 percent of the global 5G market. The combined shares of the two telecoms companies that occupy the latter position will not exceed 28 percent. China has more than double the US in 5G original patents.

Huawei 5G phone to be launched one year earlier than Apple. It is for this reason that the world's countries are turning to Huawei to ignore US warnings.

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