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BSNL popular 333 and 444 packs included in five list removed packs in Prepaid plans

The state-led telecommunications operator has been upgrading its portfolio by introducing more attractive plans and terminating obsolete plans.

News from BSNL official sources that BSNL is on the way to make the consumer movement centered in the midst of all their problems. The state-led telecommunications operator has been surrounded by shadow conditions everywhere, with most of its problems rooted in leaking. However, there is still some hope for the operator, because we realized that in February, the only telecommunications company, in addition to Reliance Jio, had a positive addition of 900,000 subscribers. 

BSNL popular 333 and 444 packs included in five list removed packs in Prepaid plans
With this, BSNL continues to keep its streak of new plans and presentations, and even the telecommunications company is also getting rid of obsolete portfolio plans. We have also seen the telecommunications operator to eliminate the talk time by reloading the online top-up page, and now BSNL has again removed a lot of STVs in its product list.

Discontinued BSNL STVS List and Details
In total, BSNL has removed five STVs in its portfolio, and the first in this list is the Rs 333 STV, which used to offer unlimited voice network calls with 3 GB of data per day and a subsequent FUP speed of 80 Kbps. This plan was also comes with bundled EROS Now subscription and was valid for 45 days. Later, the next plan is to retire BSNL Rs 339 STV, which was valid for 26 days and included free STD calls to other networks up to 30 minutes a day and daily FUP 3GB data. This plan was valid for 26 days.

BSNL also eliminated the Rs 379 STV, the data previously offered 4GB a day, unlimited on the net 30 minutes a day to other networks with a validity of 30 days. The last two plans will withdraw from BSNL's STVs portfolio are STV STV 392 and 444. The Rs 392 STV used to offer unlimited BSNL network with 3GB data calls per day, the subscription of EROS Now and supply BSNL games for 56 days. Similarly, the Rs 444 STV used to offer 4 GB of data per day, unlimited calls on the network and EROS Now subscription for 60 days. Along the same lines, the STV 378 STV and 373 that used for group services PK Online TV and TV Digivive, respectively, have been removed.

Probable reason for the withdrawal of the BSNL STVs
It is worth noting that the probable reason BSNL put an end to these plans is that they sent the benefits of calls within the network. Now, even though STV has offered unlimited data and impressive benefits, these days, just 30 minutes of calls to another network makes no sense, especially when other providers are sending these benefits across all plans. As such, BSNL may have discontinued these plans due to abysmal customer demand.

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