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Tata Sky Broadcaster vouchers launched starter Rs 49 with entertainment channels and SD sports channels

Tata Sky launches four new Star India packages for the Bengali public with Premium and Value options

One of the Largest DTH service provider in India Tata Sky has been the channel package option for subscribers. Not only have Tata Sky subscribers enjoyed good service after Trai's new pricing structure, but they also have ample options in terms of channels and channel packages. The service provider debuted on many radio station packages, add-on packages, lite and other packages based on different genres, languages ​​and regions. These packages have been very successful among consumers. But even now, Tata Sky continues with its stream of new channel packages to offer more and more options to subscribers. In its latest move, the service provider has introduced four small packages for its Bengali subscribers that are available at a very affordable price.
Tata Sky Broadcaster vouchers launched starter Rs 49 with entertainment channels and SD sports channels

Star Bengali Value Pack with SD channels
It is essential to keep in mind that the new packages introduced for the Bengali Tata Sky customers are not part of the DPO packages, but belong to a series of Star station packages. That said, the first package on this list is the Star Bengali Value A package that is available to subscribers in an MRP of Rs 49. After fees, this package will cost Rs 57.8 to subscribers. The package will include a total of 14 channels that will include channels such as National Geographic, Star Gold, Jalsha Movies, Star Sports 2 and 3 and more. All channels in this package will be SD channels.

Next, we have the Star Bengali Value B package, which will also be sold for Rs 49, and after taxes, its price will be Rs 57,8. As in the first package, this package will also include 14 channels. The main difference between the two packages will be in the sports channels, since the Star Bengali Value B package will include Star Sports 1 Hindi instead of Star Sports 1 Bangla, as in the case of the Star Bengali Value A. package.

Star Bengali Premium Pack with SD channels
Then we have two Star premium packages in Tata Sky. The first package under the premium label is the Star Bengali Premium A plan, which has an MRP of Rs 79 and with taxes, the package will cost 93.2 Rs and will include 17 channels. The package will include channels such as Fox Life, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, Star Gold Select, Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star Sports 3 and more. Subscribers will also receive Star Sports 1 Bangla.

The next package, Star Bengali Premium B, will also have the same cost as the previous package and will be available for Rs 79 and with a pre-tax price of 93.2 Rs. This plan will include 17 channels that will be similar to the previous package, with the exception of the Star Sports 1 Hindi channel which will replace the Star Sports 1 Bangla in this package.

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