WhatsApp Chat Screenshot feature will be disabled in Application

WhatsApp to prevent users from taking screenshots of chatting. The application will have a feature that will prevent users from capturing screen capture chat screens.
The famous instant messaging platform, WhatsApp is planning to take things to the next level. After introducing some important security fixes in your application, the company is testing a new feature similar to the Snapchat messaging platform in some way. Previously, it was reported that the application received an update that will avoid unnecessary fake news chains. According to the latest news, it is now said that the application will have a feature that will prevent users from capturing screen capture chat screens.

In another popular application for sharing multimedia content, Snapchat, users are not necessarily forbidden from taking screenshots. Instead, the screens taken at one end are shown at the other end. According to reports, WhatsApp will rotate this function to avoid all screen captures within the application. The messaging application owned by Facebook is expected to follow the lines of the Netflix and Amazon Prime applications, which do not allow registration or screenshot of the application's features.

This may not be the most welcome feature for many users who like to capture screenshots of their chats and share them with their friends. What many people do not realize is the fact that screen sharing is a violation of the privacy policy, which prohibits users from sharing personal information with third parties. Although the fingerprint authentication function is not yet available on Android, the presence of this function combined with the "No image" function can be a decent security detail for the application.

Furthermore, WhatsApp will be updated with two separate cards: one for emojis and one for stickers. The tag section will be divided into two tabs: party tag and content tag. This will make the search for emojis and stickers much easier than before. In light of the recent Facebook data breaches (which have caused concern among users), the company is testing all possible methods to increase security details in its applications. It is possible that the company may introduce a switching function to check if you want other users to take a screenshot of their chats or not.

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