Vodafone 999 prepaid plan offers 12 months validity, 12 GB of data and unlimited voice calls

Vodafone 999 plan is launched targeting people who talk a lot on their phones, but do not watch videos, play online or share images or videos via chat applications. For now, it is available in limited areas.

The Vodafone Prepaid 999 plan ensures users validity for 365 days, unlimited calls, limit of 100 SMS per day, 12 GB data.

Previously, Vodafone announced One day validity Filmy plan Rs 16 and a 1 GB data advantage.
With a new plan, Vodafone expects to compete with the prepaid Airtel Rs 998 plan that offers similar benefits.

Vodafone 999 prepaid plan offers 12 months validity, 12 GB of data and unlimited voice calls
Are you a Vodafone user? Do you mainly use the Vodafone connection to talk? You will probably like the new prepaid Vodafone Rs 999 plan that the company introduced. The new Vodafone Rs 999 plan is valid for 12 months and is aimed at people who use their phones mainly to talk, offering unlimited local and national calls, as well as free national roaming.

At the same time, the Rs 999 plan is not so good for people who use the Internet on their phone because it only provides 12 GB of data in a year. This means 1 GB of data per month, which will be enough to talk, but it won't help if it's someone who often watches videos, etc. by phone The details of the Vodafone Rs 999 plan were reported for the first time by Indiatoday a website dedicated to latest news in India.

Vodafone Rs 999 plan is currently available in the Punjab circle and it is expected that Vodafone users in other parts of the country may also subscribe in the coming days and weeks. The Vodafone Rs 999 plan, in addition to guaranteeing a year's validity and unlimited calls, also offers 100 SMS per day. Basically, it's a plan aimed more at users of feature phones or people using one of the smartest phones.

News related to Vodafone's Rs 999 plan comes the day after we learned of the Rs 16 Filmy plan that Vodafone started offering to its users. The Rs 16 Vodafone Filmy plan aims to provide subscribers with 1 GB data valid for one day. The idea is that if you are not a busy user but are trying to broadcast the Game of Thrones episode, you can use the Filmy Rs 16 plan.

For people who use a large amount of data, Vodafone also has a prepaid plan of Rs 1,699 also valid for one year. This plan offers users unlimited calls, 100 messages per day and 1 GB of 3G or 4G data per day.

With its new plan, Vodafone hopes to compete with Airtel's recently announced Airtel Rs 998 plan plan has a 336-day validity offering consumers many features of SMS, unlimited data and 12GB 4G or 3G during the course of the plan.

Vodafone, Airtel and Jio are fiercely engaged in a struggle to maintain and increase their subscriber base and almost every week these companies come up with new plans. There are so many plans that broadly cover the needs of various types of users. For example, the Filmy Rs 16 plan is for people who need temporary data fast, while Vodafone Rs 999 plan is for those who talk on the mobile phone for hours but it not allows to watch videos or image sharing in WhatsApp. Between these two plans too, there are a number of options for different consumers.

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