Uber launches Android Lite version app for 2G and Old Smartphone users

Starting a heavy application for Android in India has its complications. In addition, problems increase for consumers when the application consumes many resources, such as Uber. India being a big market for the American convenience giant, the company has now decided to bring a lite version of the original Uber app. The Uber Lite application that reduces heavy animation and the default map view will be useful for users with low memory and slow Internet connection.

A large part of total smartphone sales in India comes from low-cost devices that cost around 15,000 rupees. In general, consumers face problems such as poor Internet connection and low memory, in these cases, the Uber Lite application will be useful. Uber is requesting a response time of 300 milliseconds in the application and also support for all Android devices.

When using GPS, the application will automatically detect the location of users, and there will also be a family text box where you can enter the details of the destination. Users will be able to see the closest Ubers available along with the rate estimates and UberGo, Pool, Premier, Moto and UberXL options. Users will also have the usual options to call the driver and check the driving status. It is safe to say that despite the somewhat bloated cut, the Uber Lite application will not lose much in the important features of the mobile app.

There is no doubt that updated application is similar to the original Uber application, the lite edition will also learn to provide smarter recommendations to users based on usage habits. Although in this version the map option is not visible to users by default, they will have the option to activate or deactivate it if they wish to see the actual route of map.

The online taxi company Uber is also working on a progression bar to track the executions along with the supposed development of local language support. This movement of the company based in the United States occurs after Ola, which is the taxi company in India, launched its lite version of the application with dimensions of only 580KB. Although the Uber Lite application is not yet available to users, interested people can sign up to access earlier.

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