Recharge Reliance Jio prepaid plans without FUP limit


Offering without FUP cap with Reliance Jio prepaid recharge plans to enjoy internet data browsing without any speed break.

The first Reliance Jio plan that was recently introduced is for Rs 127. This plan gives users 12GB of data and is valid for 15 days. Also, there are plans for Rs 247, Rs 447, Rs 597 and Rs 2397.

Recharge Reliance Jio prepaid plans

The company just announced five new prepaid Reliance Jio recharge plans for its users. The particularity of these five recharge plans is that they do not restrict the user with any fair use policy (FUP) limit on the data. 

Whatever amount of data the user gets with these plans, they can use it all in one day or over the life of the plan, depending on their choice. The new plans start at Rs 127 and go all the way up to Rs 2,397. Jio assured that such a plan exists for all users of short, medium and long validity plans Jio. Let's take a look at all of these Jio prepaid plans and the benefits that come with them.

Reliance Jio recharge plans list without FUP restrictions

The first Jio plan that was recently introduced is for Rs 127. This plan gives users 12GB of data and is valid for 15 days. Also, there is a plan of Rs 247, Rs 447, Rs 597 and Rs 2,397.

The Rs 247 plan includes 25GB of data for 30 days, the Rs 447 plan includes 50GB of data for 60 days, the Rs 597 plan includes 75GB of data for 90 days, and the Rs 2,397 plan includes 365GB of data for 365 days.

All plans are provided without FUP restrictions on the data a user can consume on any given day. There is a truly unlimited voice calling benefit included with each plan, and users also get a free subscription to multiple Jio apps. In addition, each of the plans comes with a benefit of 100 SMS / day.

These new jio recharge offers would allow users to consume all the data they need in one day. With Fair Use Policy (FUP) limits on data, the downside to the user is that they would have to spend more on data coupon purchases if they need additional data on a given day. But on the days when you don't need a lot of data, a significant amount of FUP data is wasted which is not consumed.

That's why users who have fluctuating data requirements will appreciate this jio plans recharge, as they will still have the benefit of voice calling and the benefits of SMS, but won't have to worry about data.

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