Viasat satellite internet plans India to be launched


Viasat launches satellite broadband services: Viasat plans to deploy two new satellites to offer advanced broadband connectivity solutions in India.

US geostationary satellite operator Viasat reportedly followed his colleagues to launch fast internet from space in India very soon. The $ 2.25 billion global satellite player is seeking approval from the Indian government, which once approved would allow the operator to deploy two new satellites to offer advanced broadband connectivity solutions in India.

Viasat satellite internet plans India

This update comes as Viasat competitors OneWeb and SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, announced their plans to launch satellite Internet operations.

Broadband satellite connectivity solutions that will be provided by two satellites under construction
Viasat's spokesperson commented on the matter saying his company has filed applications with the Indian government and relevant agencies to start viasat satellite internet packages. 

Viasat seeks authorization to operate two of its Viasat-3 Ka-band satellites. These satellites are currently under construction, but Viasat hopes to take advantage of them when the Indian market opens up to advanced broadband connectivity solutions. 

Other market players such as SpaceX and OneWeb will also begin satellite Internet operations in the country next year.

Amazon is currently exploring the space broadband connectivity segment as part of its Kuiper project, which is a global space internet initiative. 

In India, Viasat has offices in Chennai, where company staff work on satellite access platforms and gateways. They are also working on developing web applications and management systems for their broadband products and businesses. 

The Viasat spokesperson said the employee base in Chennai influences all aspects of Viasat's broadband business and are key players in its global expansion.

The Indian government will create a level playing field for private satellite manufacturers
To ensure that global market players can serve the Indian market, by 2020, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had ensured that the Indian government would create a level playing field for private satellite builders, satellite launchers and satellite suppliers, space services. 

This step would not only ensure fair competition in the market, but would also provide consumers with a number of alternatives to choose space-based broadband service providers.

In this regard, a new space communications policy has also been introduced, which will bring a predictable regulatory mechanism to this looming market. 

A policy such as space communication is very crucial in markets like India, where some of the major players face stiff competition with each other. 

Major Indian telecom operators such as Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio have lobbied the government to auction off half of the coveted 28 GHz frequency band on which Viasat plans to operate its satellites. Local telecom operators want to use these high-value radio waves for 5G services.

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