Jiosaavn music users can now access music channels and playlists within the app


Jio Saavn music announced that its users will now be able to access music channels and playlists in the application.

Jio Saavn, the largest music streaming and audio-related entertainment platform in all of South Asia, launched its new product on recently that aims to address video streaming platforms. This new product was called JioSaavnTV.

Jiosaavn music
Reliance Jio's unique video feature aims to bridge the gap between expert healing and ease of consumption. JioSaavnTV is the latest addition to the video products offered through the platform.

With JioSaavnTV, the platform aims to create and host a new television experience when it comes to music, in addition to its popular audio service. This feature will aim to provide users with a complete entertainment center through the highest quality streaming technology.

When it comes to usage, with expert care and ease of consumption, users will be able to access music TV channels and music video playlists in a new tab on the home page, allowing them to choose what the user wants. to look. TV channels will have recommended videos played one after the other, and video playlists will be playlists selected by mood, genre and artists.

What else does Jio include in the new platform?

With the Music TV channel and music video playlists, JioSaavn aims to provide a differentiated experience by allowing users to discover and access a wide range of music videos by artist, era or mood.

The new feature will allow users to seamlessly switch between the videos they want to watch and previously queued audio tracks. To access the full in-app video experience, JioSaavn users can switch between portrait and landscape modes.

To kick off the launch, JioSaavnTV will provide a selection of famous artists, moods, genres and musical eras. The new product launch is aided by an ad marketing video campaign featuring music videos from artists such as Badshah, Justin Beiber, Dua Lipa, K-Pop sensation BTS and Akul.

The launch will also be amplified across several social, digital and influencer channels, as well as a virtual reality experience through the use of Instagram.

In terms of usage, Jio Saavn Pro users will be able to enjoy unlimited, ad-free access to the video library and free users will have the ability to watch up to three videos per month, providing access to those who don't want it. indulge in the luxury of a subscription, but restricting overall access.

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