How to shift broadband Internet connection to a new city or home


If you are moving your broadband internet connection from a smaller city to a larger city or vice versa, you will find a change in the speeds your ISP can offer.

If the pandemic situation has taught us one thing, it is how uncertain life is. You never know where you will live and where and what you will work tomorrow. Sometimes the nature of our work requires us to move to different cities. 

broadband Internet connection

Due to the pandemic, many employees moved to their hometown when offices closed and organizations adopted a work-from-home model. Home transfers can be for business or personal purposes, and along with all your other personal belongings, you will also need to transfer your broadband internet connection.

As our internet addiction has multiplied over time, as soon as we move to a new location, relocating your internet connection becomes a top priority. Here are some things to help you reposition your broadband connection.

Raise your broadband internet connection transfer request

There are many ISPs in India providing internet services in various cities of the country. If your ISP has a national presence, you can contact customer support and submit a request to transfer your broadband connection. 

You need to share details like your new address and the type of broadband connection you are looking for. If your ISP has a well-established infrastructure in the city that you have moved to, then they shouldn't have much trouble accepting and taking appropriate action on your request to move your broadband connection.

Compare different ISPs in your new location

It might be very plausible that the ISP providing exceptional service in your old location has services in your new location, but it's not great. This may be due to the fact that your infrastructure is not well established in the new location or the presence of other better alternatives. 

When you move to a new location and want to relocate your broadband connection, always make sure you are looking for the best ISP in that area. If you find an ISP that provides better services, consider choosing it over your old ISP.

Compare broadband internet plans and speeds

If you are moving your broadband connection from a smaller city to a larger city or vice versa, you will find a change in the speeds your ISP can offer. This is due to the design of the infrastructure in a particular city. 

Therefore, when moving to a new city, always consider reviewing and comparing the different plans offered by the different ISPs in your area. You may find that in larger cities you also get more data and faster at lower prices. Select a package based on your internet needs and your city's budget.

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