How to get Elon Musks Spacex Starlink broadband in India, check prices and other details


Starlink free internet broadband connection for home or office is now available for pre-order in India. Availability is limited and the company indicates that it will accept orders on a first-come, first-served basis.

SpaceX satellite-based Starlink Internet service supported by Elon Musk is now available for pre-order in India for $ 99, which is around Rs 7,300 for starlink booking India.

Elon Musks Spacex Starlink broadband
Image credits SpaceX Starlink

Starlink is a division of SpaceX, Interested buyers can visit Starlink's website for to book the starlink internet connection, which is said to be available in 2022 for Indian users.

Starlink company announced that starlink cost in India the amount paid in advance is fully refundable in the event that the Spacex Starlink company is unable to provide the starlink Internet service in a certain area.

SpaceX satellite-based Starlink Internet service supported by Elon Musk is now available for pre-order and starlink internet cost in India for $ 99 i.e ninety nine US dollars, which is approximately Rs 7,300 in Indian currency Rupees. 

Starlink global internet connectivity is expected to be available to Indian users by 2022 via the satellites that SpaceX will launch into orbit. It is currently in beta testing.

"Now, Internet connectivity has become one of the main part under daily activity for everyone. Internet connection is more important when more people working from home or office and more students connected and are engaging in virtual learning using Internet connectivity at school or colleges or Institutes is more important. 

With Starlink booking connection, we can quickly deploy the areas that need it most," SpaceX wrote on Twitter. 

"Compare to the traditional satellites installed in the orbit at long distance, Starlink satellites are more than 60 times closer to Earth than traditional satellites, which results in lower latency and the ability to support services that are not normally possible with traditional-satellite Internet," notes the company on its website, promoting the convenience that lower latency will offer to bring when making video calls and gaming online.

Starlink is reportedly looking to offer high-speed internet starlink broadband plans of up to 1Gbps download or upload speed to its users. 

As of now, starlink expected speed it offers up to 150Mbps, which reportedly double to 300Mbps through testing. Starlink Internet speed gives a tough competition to the existing Internet service providers (Indian ISPs) in India 

When it comes to latency, the company notes that Starlink's latency ranges from 20ms to 40ms in most locations.

Now, Indian users can make a $ 99 deposit on the Starlink website to book their broadband connection.

However, the amount will be refunded to users if the company fails to provide the Internet broadband satellite connection before an expected date in 2022. 

Starlink booking India already started and orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis across India. BOOK NOW

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