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New Xiaomi mi air wireless charger: wireless charging without cables

New Xiaomi mi air charge technology for wireless charging launched, which could charge phones without using USB mobile charging cables.

Wireless chargers have been a subject of discussion in the city for some time, but what people don't see is that wireless charging isn't truly wireless. Yes, the phone is not connected to an adapter, but a charging base is required to connect the phone. 

New Xiaomi mi air wireless charger

Added to this is the annoyance of not being able to use the phone while charging, which is not the case with cable charging. Apple's Magsafe technology introduced with the iPhone 12 series tried to solve this problem, but it also requires a cable to plug into the back of the phone, to charge the device. This is a pretty nifty way of wireless charging, allowing the user to use their phone, but this method also comes with its own set of cables.

So is there a True wireless charger? Yes, and it comes from Xiaomi, the company announced it is working on Mi Air Charge, a completely wireless method of charging smartphones. This means you can finally charge your phones, without cables (literally).

How does Xiaomi mi air charger work?

As per latest information published on the Xiaomi official website blog, where detailed about this technology is capable of delivering 5W of output power to a single device over a certain distance via a self-developed isolated charging stack.

This stack has 5 phase jamming antennas, which can be used to accurately determine the location of your smartphone. Once the position is determined, a phase control matrix transmits millimeter waves through beam-forming.

The receiving device has a miniaturized antenna array with a built-in "beacon antenna" and "receiving antenna array". The beacon antenna transmits position information, while the latter is a set of 14 antennas that converts the millimeter wave signal into electrical energy through the rectifier circuit.

Will Xiaomi mi air charge be available soon?

Note, however, that this is a demo only and it is unclear when it will be available to the general consumer. That said, there are also health concerns and the impact this technology has on humans, which may be subject to scrutiny by regulatory authorities.

Xiaomi is already a pioneer in wireless charging technology. Just a couple of days ago, the company was rumored to be working on two phones with 67W wireless charging support. The company already has the fastest wireless charging phone - the Mi 10 Ultra with 50W wireless charging. The new Mi Air Charge feels like a breath of fresh air.

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