Vi Prepaid (Vodafone Idea) offers 1 GB of 4G data free for 7 days


Vodafone-Idea currently offers 1GB of free 4G mobile internet usage for existing customers which is valid for 7 days.

Private telecommunications company Vodafone Idea, now renamed Vi, offers its customers 1 GB of free 4G data. There VI is looking to expand their business in India very quickly and change his image so that they can be profitable soon. The telecommunications company has a debt of Rs 54,754 crore in the form of AGR installments which it will have to repay over the next 10 years. 

Vi Prepaid (Vodafone Idea) offers 1 GB of 4G data free for 7 days

In a bid to become profitable again, the telecommunications company is doing everything it can to win back its lost and inactive customers. There are many customers who do not actively use Vi SIM cards to make calls or use data, but still have them in their devices. You try to take advantage of these customers by offering them free data.

1 GB of free 4G data for Vi prepaid customers

In a promotional prepaid offer, VI offers free 1 GB 4G data for its existing customers. This 1GB 4G data will only be valid for 7 days. So, if not used within that time, the benefit will expire. This move by VI clearly shows that telecom is really striving to turn its inactive customers into active ones.

It also offers you new benefits with its prepaid customer plans. There is the only telecommunications company, apart from Bharti Airtel, which offers its customers the ZEE5 Premium subscription. Even with Airtel, the OTT benefit is limited to a single plan. But with Vi, this OTT benefit is provided to customers with 5 prepaid plans.

Not only that, it also offers you attractive benefits with its plans. Every prepaid or postpaid Vi plan now includes the MPL cash benefit and Zomato discount. These offerings might put Vi in the spotlight for some time, but telecom needs to work on their customer service and improve their overall 4G network so customers can stay telecom loyal for the long term.

For those of you who don't know, Vi has also removed the "Priority 4G Network" offer from its postpaid plans so that no disputes remain between Trai and telcos.

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