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D2h offers free service with 2 months of recharge for 4 days

D2h offers 4 days of free service to its customers when they continue and d2h recharge plan for 2 months.

D2h is one of the leading Direct-to-the-Home (DTH) service providers in the country. One of the main reasons people choose a TV connection with D2h is because the DTH operator offers users some of the most affordable plans. Along with that, the operator continues to present new plans and offers for customers. 

D2h offers free service with 2 months of recharge for 4 days
One of the most attractive D2h offers customers get is the long-term rechrge d2h plans. There are many long-term plans and customers can choose from plans ranging from 1 to 12 months. D2h offers free services for people who recharge with long-term plans. Now the DTH operator has made an offer for people to recharge for 2 months.

4 days of free D2h service with 2-months recharge

D2h offers its customers 4 days of free service when they continue and recharge a d2h plan for 2 months. What you need to keep in mind is that these 4 days will be added to your 2 month plan instead of discounting the plan. 

Therefore, people who recharge by paying for the 2 month plan will get DTH service for 2 months + 4 days. To recharge your D2h connection, you can use the exclusive platform of the D2h website or its application - D2h Infinity. When you complete the recharge from one of these platforms, you will get free coupons.

But this isn't the only offer D2h offers its customers when they opt for a long-term recharge plan. In addition to this plan, there are 3 other long-term recharge plans which have the benefit of the same features. The first is about 3 months recharge. When a customer recharges for 3 months, they receive 7 days (1 week) of free service.

The second is for when customers opt for a 6-month d2h recharge plan they will get 15 days free d2h service from the DTH operator. The last is for 1 year. When a customer chooses a 1 year D2h recharge plan, they get 30 days of free service. Basically, with a one-year plan, the customer gets 13 months of service at the same cost.

Set-top boxes (STB) for D2h services

If you like the offer and want a new D2h connection for your home, you will need to purchase a set-top box (STB) from them. Around five STBs are available on offer from the DTH operator. The first is Digital STB which will cost you Rs 1499. 

The second is Digital HD STB which is priced at Rs 1,599. The third is HD RF STB and is priced at Rs 1,799. The following is the same HD RF STB, but this one comes with Magicstick and is priced at Rs 2,198. The latest is an Android STB - D2h Stream priced at Rs 2,499.

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