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BSNL 4G Launch in India: Development up to now active telecom circles, acquired spectrum and more

BSNL 4G launch in India: The government-run telecommunications company, BSNL, has somehow survived the data tariff war in the middle of private telecommunications companies, and its only recourse to profitability is the deployment of a leading 4G network.

BSNL 4G service is one of the much-awaited launch to happen in the country, but it has been hit with several roadblocks in recent times and launch is delayed
The state-owned telecommunications operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) was buried under enormous pressure from the data rate tariff war initiated by Reliance Jio in 2016. This pressure from competition from private telecommunications operators reduced the BSNL company finances and has tied a knot in its neck to attract subscribers in some way and try to direct profitability. To do this, BSNL has to fill a vital gap, and this is a high-speed 4G service. We now know that the telecommunications company has been working on the development of its 4G service since last year, however it is easy to lose sight of progress, especially when there are many circles and factors involved. So, here are all the updates on BSNL 4G launch in India that will let you know how far the telecommunications company has come regarding the implementation of its 4G internet network.

BSNL 4G launch services in Karnataka

BSNL's first major announcement of a major 4G LTE launch for its subscribers was in the Karnataka circle. The telecommunications company announced in June 2018 that it would implement the 4G network in 130 cities in the state. During this time, the telecommunications company also said it would install 30,000 towers in the country, of which 10,000 would be installed only in Karnataka. It is worth noting that Karnataka is still one of the best circles for BSNL, where it has a large amount of highspeed internet broadband connection and postpaid subscribers. As such, the state seemed to be the obvious choice for the launch of BSNL 4G services.

Authorization to acquire DoT Air waves

Last year, in September, the telecommunications department (DoT) finally approved BSNL's internet plans to acquire 4G airwaves. To this end, BSNL has compiled and presented a detailed report to obtain the 2100 MHz band with the aim of implementing 4G services. The total cost of the spectrum during this period was Rs.13,885, of which BSNL had requested Rs.6,652 in the form of a capital grant to the government, which the telecommunications company undertook to pay for the next ten years.

Launch of BSNL 4G and availability in the southern states of India

In addition to Karnataka, BSNL was also active with its 4G network also in the other southern states of India. For example, in Kerala, BSNL offers 4G internet plans and 2G services instead of 3G internet services in almost all cities. The government-run telecommunications company also offers 4G services in 25 cities in Telangana telecom and 11 districts in Andhra Pradesh circle.

A big success for BSNL in its attempt to galvanize the 4G high-speed services was the assignment of the DoT spectrum in the 2,100MHz band. The use of five additional units in the 2100MHz spectrum also boosted BSNL's 4G LTE network. Not only this, but BSNL also has 4G sites in Chhattisgarh, in regions near Nagpur, Gujarat, in areas near Pune and central bsnl Maharashtra telecom circle.

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