Play Free YouTube Music on Google Home Speakers with ads

YouTube Music offers a free experience and advertising support in Google Home speakers and other speakers supported by Google Assistant. Access your account settings, tap services and select music, then set YouTube Music as your default music service. So it's just a case of saying "Hey Google, play [anything]" and you're already out. 

Play Free YouTube Music on Google Home with ads
However, the musical experience of YouTube with advertising will not allow you to request specific tracks, albums or playlists. Instead, it can tell you the genre, style or mood of the music you are looking for and your Google Home page will play a station based on that request.

As before, subscribers to YouTube Music Premium can request specific songs, artists and playlists on request. So while this free experience is not as flexible as the one you get when you sign up for a subscription, it offers Google something to compete with Spotify and Pandora's free offers on smart speakers.

However, YouTube Music is creating headways in other places, despite its relatively delayed arrival at the broadcast scene, reaching Sonos and the Google Clock Android app earlier this year, and increasing its event associations.

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