The launch of BSNL 4G and MTNL 4G services could be delayed once again

Yet again Launching of BSNL 4G and MNTL 4G services may be delayed across India.
A new report has emerged suggesting the termination of the 4G spectrum allocation to telecommunications companies led by two governments BSNL and MTNL. According to this new update coming from officials the finance ministry will likely extend the deadline that was proposed by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for the allocation of fourth generation network services to these state-owned telecommunications companies.
The launch of BSNL 4G and MTNL 4G services could be delayed once again

The fiscal deficit slows investments for BSNL and MTNL

To remember, before this happened, both telecommunications companies expected to receive the 4G spectrum by the end of the year and were already preparing for the launch of 4G services. However, to this great disappointment, the department will not continue the process, since the finance ministry is analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of spending summarized in about Rs.13,000 a figure that will probably affect the economy. Reported by NewIndianExpress the country already difficult fiscal deficit and will affect financial situation.

Ministry sources commented: "Writing it as an expense during this period of time seems to be very difficult.The (financial) ministry is evaluating other macroeconomic factors and it is expected that it will take longer than expected.I do not see it anytime soon. "

Manoj Sinha is aiming for 4G for State Run Telcos

After the Department of Public Enterprises declared it "incipiently sick", MTNL and BSNL decided that they would take the capital in the form of a capital grant after the planned examinations and that the money was in the form of costs and expenses.

It is also noteworthy that BSNL and MTNL have performed the task of acquiring the 4G spectrum for a certain period of time. As all private telecommunications companies were already migrating to the 4G network, state-owned telecommunications companies were at a disadvantage. Last month, Telecommunications Minister Manoj Sinha also said it would be difficult for state-owned telecommunications companies to survive without the 4G network and also added that the government would propose a solution or strategy to solve the problem.

Manoj Sinha commented in September: "I will try my best level by the end of this year, it should not be in 2019, but by 2018, the government should decide to assign the 4G spectrum".

According to the report, MTNL infuse Rs 6,292 capital crore into the company instead of capital, while BSNL will take help of Rs 6,652 crore in the form of capital infusion to buy the 4G spectrum for crore Rs 13,885.

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