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BSNL 4G Technology services go live in 130 Karnataka cities by the end of the year

A huge demand from mobile users increasing competition between telecommunications companies launching attractive plans and offers to maintain and boost their subscriber base, BSNL is planning another expansion plan to impact the game.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, the state-owned telecommunications company, has decided that this year it will launch 4G services in Karnataka. The tender for the deployment of services has also been developed and the telecommunications company is awaiting the allocation of the spectrum to the government.

Under this 4G service transmission plan in the state of Karnataka, up to 130 cities will receive a 4G BSNL network. The telecommunications company has also planned the installation of 30,000 4G towers across the country, of which 10,000 4G towers will be installed only in Karnataka.

In a statement BSNL CGM of Karnataka Circle, he said, 'The telecommunications company is only waiting for the government's permission to launch 4G services and i need not to mention that BSNL has already started working for the 4G network with the launch of a Base Transceiver Station 4G (BTS) at Shivamogga in March this year. However, it did not present a solid reason for the delay in the 4G implementation by BSNL, while the other private telecommunications companies did so already in advance. He quoted: "Soon 4G services will be available throughout Karnataka."
He also added that Karnataka is the second BSNL telecom state in the country to earn revenues of Rs.2,000 crore in 2017-18, with a net profit of Rs 35 crore. Unlike other telecommunications companies, which were burdened by a income loss of up to 40%, the BSNL Karnataka circle recorded gains despite a loss of 14%

high speed 4G technology mobile services golive in Karnataka

He extending words said, the statistics saying that 42,358 high-speed broadband connections in Fiber-to-Home (FTTH) technology are already in service, a number that has not been registered in any other BSNL circle in the country. The telecommunications company was working on installing more BTS so that the quality of the network in the state would improve.

The circle of Karnataka will spend 228 million rupees to set up 1280 3G towers. Mysuru will be the first district to replace 70 old BTS technologies with the new 3G BTS technologies. While the previous BTS technology only supported an Internet speed of 14 Mbps, the new BTS technology will support speeds up to 21 Mbps. The speed of mobile data in Mysuru has already increased and customers are satisfied with the speed."

General Manager of the telecom district Mysuru Shri K.L. Jairam, said that the telecommunications company had the goal of extending fiber optic services to as many customers as possible. They also promoted the telecommunications company's willingness to expand its services in the field of optical fibers; the official added that BSNL would use FTTH to serve any consumer who requested it.

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