BSNL offers Rs.300 discount on broadband plans for employees


For bsnl employee benefit PSU offering discount on Broadband connections upto Rs.300 on monthly rental bill payment.

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has informed that this discount will be valid for BSNL Air Fiber services or Bharat Fiber connections. However, what you need to note if you are a BSNL employee is that the offer is not applicable in the MTNL areas of Mumbai and Delhi.

broadband plans for employees

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) seems to be racing to the top with its increasingly intense offerings and various plans, which it seems to make deliberately attractive. 

If the attractive prepaid offers and additional data were not enough, BSNL has reported a new offer whereby its Retired employees (RDOT) and working employees (WDOT) will be able to take advantage of BSNL services at a very attractive discount. 

However, the discount offered with bsnl broadband connection is applicable to the new BSNL wiered connections i.e new broadband subscribers only.

Details on the offer for BSNL employees

BSNL has informed that this discount will be valid for BSNL Air Fiber services or Bharat Fiber connections. 

This offer is not applicable for all BSNL employees, if you are residing in the MTNL service areas i.e (Mumbai and Delhi) this offer is not applicable a separate discount scheme is available. 

A separate offer is underway for the areas which will be applicable in the required circumstances. As for the current offer, the maximum discount available under it would be limited to 40% of the total plan value.

Customers will need to obtain a plan of at least Rs 599 Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) or abvoe to be eligible for this offer. It is also to be noted that the discount is limited to Rs 300, which means that no matter how high your FMC is, the maximum discount you could get is Rs 300. 

Under this plan, BSNL employees have the maximum benefit . So if you are someone on the steps of the BSNL employee lot, then this offer is definitely a bargain for you. Another benefit not to be missed is that this offer does not discriminate between retired employees and working BSNL employees.

BSNL FTTH plans a good option right now

One of the reasons BSNL FTTH plans may be the right choice for many people is that these plans have stopped including daily data limits. This was one of the features that prevented people from getting BSNL connections. Not only that, but the higher BSNL plans include bundled OTT services like Disney + and Hotstar Premium and not Hotstar VIP, which is something even the best private telecom plans don't offer.

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