BSNL offers Free 5TB data at 300Mbps speed on special FTTH plans


Telecom Public Sector Unit announced unbelievable scheme on bsnl ftth fiber plans offering Free 5TB free data with 300Mbps speed.

bsnl ftth fiber plans

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL is in a bidding frenzy as it has launched a number of new offers for not only its prepaid subscribers, but public telecoms have also been optimistic about its broadband plans. 

BSNL is not only attentive to FTTH subscribers, but has also launched offers for its old broadband ADSL customers. Now, it has been a BSNL tradition to publish plans for the country's esteemed Members of Parliament as well. 

These plans offer attractive benefits, lots of data and fast speeds. Being the legislators of the country and due to the pandemic, many important committee meetings and procedures took place online. In continuation, BSNL has decided to offer new fiber ftth plans for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs. Here are the details of these plans.

BSNL Fiber Plan with speeds of 300 Mbps

Unlike previous plans, which offered landline and broadband connection separately, these plans bundle both under one label and subscribers will only have to pay one bill for both.
Under special scheme of bharat fiber over ftth services, fiber plan 'SANSAD 1500 ULD' available and offers 300Mbps speed up to 5000GB of free data, then offers a 10Mbps speed for an additional 900GB of data. This plan is available for an FMC of Rs 1,829, where Rs 1,500 is for broadband and Rs 329 is for a landline connection.

BSNL Fiber plan with speeds of 200 Mbps

In continuation to the above broadband fiber plan of bsnl named 'SANSAD 1000 ULD' available and which is available at Rs 1,329 monthly rental charges. Similar to the plan mentioned above, this one also comes with a landline connection. 

The speed on this plan is limited to a maximum of 200Mbps up to 300GB and up to 2 Mbps after an additional 400 GB. If MPs just want to subscribe to a landline, they can choose the LL Fiber plan, available for Rs 449, which offers unlimited calling anywhere.

It is worth noting that there are variations of these plans, which are also available for ADSL and older broadband clients, but have speeds below 100 Mbps, 50 Mbps and even 10 Mbps and are lower on copper cable links. To convey these plans, BSNL has partnered with LCO and other local franchisees; Previously, the telecommunications company offered these plans directly.

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