Vodafone Idea recharge offers free voice calls and data at 75 rupees


Vodafone Idea introduced the "Unlock 2.0" prepaid recharge offer for its low-income customers. The offer give users free voice calls and data benefits for free at just Rs.75/-. Benefits will include 50 minutes of voice calls and 50MB of data.

Leading telecommunications company Vodafone Idea (VI) has just announced a new offer for its users who fall into the low-income category. 

Vodafone Idea recharge offers

The company offers these users another set of benefits that will give them Rs.75 of benefits for voice and data calls for free. This is to ensure that everyone and everyone from the low income category returning to cities from their hometowns has adequate connectivity with the fastest 4G network in India. Let's see the offer in detail.

Vodafone Idea prepaid recharge plan "Unlock 2.0" offer

Vodafone Idea introduced the "Unlock 2.0" prepaid offer for its low-income customers. The offer will offer users Rs. 75 of voice calls and given benefits for free. Benefits will include 50 minutes of voice calls and 50MB of data.

But note that the voice calling benefit will only work if the Vi user calls another Vi user (within network). It will not work if the user is trying to call a user using network services from any other telecom operator.

All benefits will be valid for a period of 15 days. Vi users can apply for this benefit easily. Users can simply dial the free "IVR 121153" or use the USSD code *444*75# from a registered Vi number.

Subsequently, the user will receive an SMS in their inbox with a series of steps. The user will only have to follow the steps and then visit the nearest reseller, who will help with an eligibility check for the offer and activate the benefits.

This makes sense as, without verification, even people who don't need the benefits of free voice and data calls will claim the offer. With this offer, Vodafone Idea wants to ensure that low-income people who have not been able to top up their SIM during lock-downs can return to cities to work and stay in touch with loved ones without any problems.

It is worth noting that it is not the first time that Vodafone Idea has presented such an offer. Even during the closing period, Vi announced a special offer for the nation's low-income citizens to help them stay connected during the pandemic period.

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