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Dish TV offers free service for up to 1 month, How to get it?

How to get free dish network service: Dish TV, one of the largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators in India, offers up to 1 month of free service to its users.

One of the largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators in India, Dish TV, offers up to 30 days of free service to its users. 

How to get free dish network service

Users can take advantage of the offer if they opt for long-term plans. There are several offers for users who opt for a different long-term validity, including 3 months and more, 6 months and more, and 12 months and more. 

Note that users don't have to pay anything extra for the free service when purchasing long-term packages from the DTH service provider. Find out more about the offer that awaits you.

Long-term Dish TV recharge offers

Dish TV offers users multiple packages to choose from when they opt for a charging plan. The DTH service provider offers users mixed packages of HD and SD channels at variable rates. Now users can recharge with any of the long-term plans offered by the company.

Users with a 3 month or more plan are entitled to 7 days of free company service. Additionally, users with plans of 6 months or more or 12 months or more will be entitled to up to 15 days and 30 days of free service from the company. 

In addition to this, users who opt for the 12 month plan will also receive a free cash swap service from the company.

These are Dish TV recharge offers for users who opt for long term packages. Any user of the company is entitled to receive the benefits of the top-up offer if they opt for long-term packages. The offer is already active for the company's customers.

How can you recharge your Dish TV account?

You can top up your Dish TV with a channel package in several ways. One of the simplest is to go to the company's website ( ) and enter the required information in the given field: "Fast top-up". You will need to enter your VC or RMN number to top up your account. Additionally, the company allows users to add channels and customize their subscription by paying extra for new channels.

Additionally, you can recharge your Dish TV account from other paid apps like Google Pay and PhonePe. You can open the applications on your device and enter the required information and proceed with the charging plan you wish to purchase. Dish TV also offers refunds when users top up directly with the company's mobile app.

If you plan to buy a new television set-top box (STB), you can also do so from the company's website. The company's HD STB can be purchased starting at Rs 1,347. Users will receive a channel package worth Rs 408 for 1 month with over 299 channels and 12 HD channels.

Dish TV also offers an Android STB through which users can stream over-the-top (OTT) content and watch satellite TV with the click of a single button.

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