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Cheaptest Broadband Excitel Unlimited plans valid for 4 and 9 months

Over the past few years, Excitel unlimited plans has grown into one of the country's leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Over the past few years, Excitel has grown into one of the country's leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs). One of the best things about Excitel's broadband plans is that they come with truly unlimited data with no Fair Use Policy (FUP) limits. Users can consume data without worrying about slowing down the speed. Also, the pricing of Excitel's plans is as good as any ISP offers its users in India.

Excitel offers cheapest broadband plans valid for 4 months and 9 months. It is worth noting that neither JioFiber, Airtel Xstream Fiber or BSNL Bharat Fiber offer their users any plans that are valid for 4 or 9

Broadband Excitel Unlimited plans

months. Let's take a look at the plans that come with those validity periods.

Excitel broadband plans valid for 4 and 9 months

The company only offers three broadband plans to its users. The first plan with 100 Mbps costs Rs 699 per month. For four months, the cost of the same plan is reduced to Rs 508 per month and then to Rs 424 for 9 months. 

This means that for the 100 Mbps four-month plan, users must make a one-time payment of Rs 2,032 and for the 100 Mbps 9-month plan, they must pay Rs 3,816.

When you reach the 200 Mbps broadband plan, your monthly cost is Rs 799. For four months, the price is reduced to Rs 572 per month and for 9 months it is further reduced to Rs 471 per month. 

It means that for the 200 Mbps four-month plan, users need to make a one-time payment of Rs 2,288 and for the 200 Mbps 9-month plan, they have to pay Rs 4,239.

Finally, the company's highest speed plan with a speed of 300 Mbps costs Rs 899 per month. Its monthly cost is reduced to Rs 636 when users opt for the 4-month plan and Rs 533 when users opt for the 9-month plan. 

The one-time payment that a user must make with the four-month 300 Mbps plan is Rs 2,544 and with the nine-month 300 Mbps plan it is Rs 4,797.

Please note that none of the above prices include the 18% GST which will be applied at the time of purchase. Additionally, the company does not offer the 100 Mbps plan valid for 9 months to the existing user base. Only new users who purchase a broadband connection can purchase the 100 Mbps plan for 9 months.

Neither plan comes with FUP data restrictions, meaning users can download / upload as much as they want at high speed for the full validity of their plan. 

However, each user is required to make a fully refundable one-time payment of Rs 2,000 for the ONU devices that Excitel will provide with the connection. Furthermore, the company does not charge any additional fees for installing the connection.

At the moment, Excitel services are only available in certain circles in the country. The company also announced and decided to extend its services in remain telecom circles / areas across India to offer its Internet plans by the end of the year.

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