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Clubhouse Android is now available for Indian mobile users

The popular Clubhouse audio-only app is now available for download on Android devices via the Play Store
With the pandemic raging around the world, physical contact with others has become a distant dream. To maintain a social life and have frequent conversations, social networks have played a key role. 

During this time, some developers decided to release functions or applications that would allow people from all over the world to chat with each other via audio only.

The result of this idea has been the growing demand for applications like Clubhouse and features like Twitter Spaces, which allow people to use the services to talk and chat with people around the world. For those of you who don't know, Twitter Spaces launched globally a few months ago, with Clubhouse stock limited to iOS.

Clubhouse Android

This will now change with the Clubhouse offering for Android devices in India and around the world, with news arriving just weeks after the app's testing began in the US with the aim of adding more people to the platform. Prior to this, the only way to use Clubhouse was via an iOS device.

The Clubhouse app gained popularity after being used by people like Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, among other personalities.

How to download and use Clubhouse android app
The Clubhouse application on Android can be downloaded via the Google Play Store with compatibility for devices with Android 8.0 and above. 

Keep in mind that despite an Android version, the application still depends on an invitation or wish list system, which means that users will need an invitation (clubhouse invite code) to register or wait for the application to allow you to register.

According to the app's founders, the invite-only model is designed for measured growth, but the company intends to open up more and allow millions of people to use the platform, with features like multiple languages and accessibility help, Coming soon.

Clubhouse rose to prominence after Elon Musk and other celebrities hosted conversations on the platform in early 2021, but despite this, the platform's downloads dropped by 72% over the course of a month (February-March), with a further decline in April.

From now on, if you want to use Clubhouse, you'll need to ping your friends for an invite so you can sign up or you can join the waitlist with the company that decides when to let you in, with this template in place to Android and iOS platforms.

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