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Amazon one month free trial Prime subscription plan withdrawn as per RBI rules

Amazon one month prime membership plan is discontinuing plan in accordance with the latest regulations set by the Reserve Bank of India.

Amazon Prime membership has been one of the most useful membership services available in India, providing access to a music streaming app, an entertainment app, and benefiting Amazon's shopping app.

Amazon one month free trial Prime subscription plan

Most, if not all of our readers are probably using the Amazon app for one need or another, be it Prime Video for content consumption or simply the Amazon app for purchasing products.

The subscription plan was pretty cheap, at least compared to Netflix, and it offers different durations too. The one month basic duration was useful enough, but it will no longer be available.

The company will offer an annual or three-month Prime membership. Why did the company remove the one-month plan? Find out by reading full article.

Amazon will phase out the one-month plan, free trials will also be stopped

Amazon has revealed that it will no longer offer a monthly subscription plan due to the new mandate from the Reserve Bank of India. For those of you who didn't know, the one month plan was quite cheap and cost Rs 129 per month.

The new RBI guidelines ask banks and financial institutions to introduce an additional authentication factor to process recurring online transactions, with the deadline set for September 30th.

Amazon, at the time of this writing article, has updated its support page to show the removal of the monthly subscription plan for Amazon Prime. To add to that, the company has also temporarily suspended free trials since April 27.

From now on, if a user wishes to join Prime, he can purchase the three-month subscription, priced at Rs 329, or get the annual plan, priced at Rs 999.

The new RBI framework, originally announced in August 2019, has been extended until September 30, 2021. This deadline has been extended to avoid any inconvenience for the user.

At first, RBI had issued the framework to implement AFA for recurring transactions up to Rs 2,000 in 2019, but later extended that rule to transactions up to a limit of Rs 5,000 per transaction. Any transaction greater than the amount would require an OTP.

It will be interesting to see if general Amazon Prime subscriptions are affected by the removal of the monthly plan, as some users may have subscribed for a short time, either for non-use or for any other reason.

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