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Tata sky dth setup box price reduced for holiday offer and adds extra benefits

Tata Sky discount offer on its STBs, including Tata Sky Binge +, Tata Sky HD and Tata Sky + HD STB at a reduced rate.

Tata Sky, India's number one Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator, offers users multiple set-top boxes (STBs) with different features. The company made sure there was something for everyone. If you want an Android STB, you can purchase the "Tata Sky Binge +" pack. Apart from that, SD, HD, HD 4K and Tata Sky + HD STB are also available.

Tata Sky discount offer on its STBs, including Tata Sky Binge +, Tata Sky HD and Tata Sky + HD STB at a reduced rate

Each of the STBs are priced differently, with the Tata Sky SD STB the cheapest and the Tata Sky HD 4K STB the most expensive.

If you've ever thought about buying a Tata Sky STB, now would be a great time to one buy tata sky 4k set top box. It is because the DTH operator offers its STBs at a reduced price under the "Holiday offer". Three of tata sky set top box STBs can be purchase online right now, and each of them has a discount.

Tata Sky Binge + STB Reduced price

There are a total of three Tata Sky STBs available at discounted prices.
The first is Tata Sky Binge + STB. Typically, the Tata Sky Binge + STB sells for Rs 2,499. But right now, users can get it for a reduced price of Rs 2,299. It means a discount of 200 rupees in total. Users can take advantage of this discount with the code "TSKY200".

Tata Sky Binge + STB gives users the ability to stream to all their favorite over-the-top (OTT) platforms on the go. At the same time, users can stream satellite TV content with a very quick and easy switch from Android TV to satellite TV by remote control.

Additionally, users also get a free one-month subscription to the Tata Sky Binge service, which is a bundled OTT service available to Tata Sky Binge + STB users for Rs 299 per month. In addition to this, users also get a free three-month Amazon Prime Video subscription after purchasing and activating Tata Sky Binge + STB.

Tata Sky HD STB Reduced price

The second is the Tata Sky HD STB, which normally retails for Rs 1,499. It can be purchased for an actual price of Rs 1249 right now with the use of the code "TSKY150". This means that it is available at a discount of Rs 150.

The Tata Sky HD STB allows users to view their favorite content in HD quality with support for Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Tata Sky + HD STB Reduced price

Finally, the third discounted STB is the Tata Sky + HD. It normally retails for Rs 4,999, but can be purchased for an actual price of Rs 4,599 with the code "TSKY400". It means a total discount of 400 rupees on the STB.

Tata Sky + HD STB allows users to record up to 625 hours of live TV content. Besides this, users can record their favorite series with the STB in standby mode.

Users can also pause, resume and rewind live TV content with Tata Sky + HD STB. One of the best features of the STB is that users can record up to 3 shows at the same time.
Price Tata Sky SD STB

The Tata Sky SD STB retails for the same price as Rs 1499. At this price, the Tata Sky HD STB would be a better option for users.

Note that all STBs are available at a reduced price only if consumers purchase them directly from the Tata Sky website. They will retail your MRP in offline stores. Discount codes are only available to users who purchase STB online.

If you've ever wanted Tata Sky Binge + STB on Android, you can consider buying it right now at a discounted price. The company did not share details on the duration of the offer.

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