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Easy to find How many mobile numbers are active on your name

DoT portal started to help mobile users to find registered sim card mobile numbers under their name (How many mobile numbers can be linked to aadhar).

Telecom company's Mobile user can easily find how many mobile numbers are running on their name by visiting DoT portal which is launched by the Department of Telecommunications. The portal address is - 

This will make it very convenient for users to find out if anyone else is using a phone number with their name on it.

Why this DoT portal is required?

The primary use case of this portal will be to allow users to check if someone else is using a mobile number with their name without their knowledge.

This comes after several reports of incidents related to the unauthorized use of personal data by scammers and scammers for the use of SIM cards have increased. The scammers would use the SIM card for illegal purposes and it would be the fault of the person whose name is registered in the database.

How many mobile numbers are active on your name

According to A.Robert Ravi, Deputy Director General of the DoT AP Telecom circle, the site will help people identify the number of mobile connections issued under their name. People can then request that the numbers be blocked with their name, but not used.

He also recalled that the number of mobile connections that can be released to a single individual is limited to nine, but more than nine connections are operational on behalf of certain users, the portal is able to speed up the identification and deletion process. of such cases.

According to an ET Telecom report, the service will soon be rolled out to other circles in a phased manner and users will be able to verify it using an active number and OTP on the portal.

Once a user does this, the department will alert the consumer via SMS informing him of the number of mobile numbers working under her name. Consumers can visit the portal and report numbers that are not in their name or that are not necessary to avoid having additional numbers in their name.

Once the action has been taken by said user, the telecommunication service providers will deactivate or block these numbers. Consumers will also be provided with ticket IDs through which they can monitor the progress of their complaint.

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