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Chat Signal app will soon receive these WhatsApp features

Chat Signal app is getting new WhatsApp-like features soon, but the app is not yet available in terms of feature rich where users want it to be.

Although users have started switching from WhatsApp to Signal, the latter still does not have all the features of the former to compete with it. However, Signal is working hard behind the scenes to roll out new WhatsApp-like features as quickly as possible so users don't feel like they've switched to an alien messaging app. 

Chat Signal app will soon receive these WhatsApp features

Features like chat background, status update, animated stickers, and more are coming to Signal very soon. According to a report from WABetaInfo, more features similar to WhatsApp were found in the beta version of Signal. Read on for all of these features.

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The first feature found in the beta version of Signal is "Chat Wallpaper". WhatsApp users have the convenience of setting a chat background for a particular group or private chat. This feature will soon also be available in the stable version of Signal.

The second feature in the beta version of Signal is "Status Update". It is a basic function but also one of the most popular functions of WhatsApp. Most users find it a useful feature for communicating with others about the business. This functionality will soon be available in "Signal" as well.

The third feature is "animated stickers". One of the best features of WhatsApp are the "animated stickers". People can use them to communicate with others without the hassle of writing too much. They are also fun, which makes chats with others interesting and exciting.

The next and fourth feature is support for group calls. Note that Signal already has a group call feature, but it currently only supports up to 5 people at a time. But very soon, that limit will be raised to eight, just like WhatsApp.

Finally, Signal will soon be supported by "Group Invite Link". By using this link, users will be able to share their group's invite link with other users so that they can join it with one tap, reducing a lot of hassle for group administrators.

While these features will be coming to Signal soon, the app still lags far behind WhatsApp in terms of feature richness. Signal has a long way to go and could get to where WhatsApp is today, but it would take some time.

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