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Mukesh Ambani says Remove 2G, Jio will be pioneer of 5G revolution in India

Ambani Mukesh pointed out that India will very soon become a $ 5 trillion economy and prove the cynics wrong, but the first 2G must go and 5G must arrive as soon as possible.

Mukesh Ambani recently addressed the nation at the Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) and made four important points that India should focus on. He said that in 2020, while everyone was working from home, learning and teaching from home, India was thriving online. 

Mukesh Ambani says Remove 2G, Jio will be pioneer of 5G revolution in India

Ambani also pointed out that India will become a $ 5 trillion economy very soon and prove the cynics wrong. He focused his attention on four points during his speech which began with a request to remove 2G from India; more details later.

No more 2G, early and affordable 5G launch in India and more
Ambani's first point highlighted the fact that up to 300 million Indians still use the 2G network. He said urgent political action is needed to remedy this, so that even the less privileged natives can get an affordable 4G smartphone. This will also help them with the direct transfer of profits and they will be able to participate in India's digital economy.

The second point Ambani focused on was the political requirements for a quick and cost-effective implementation of 5G in the county. He said with certainty that Jio would pave the way for the 5G revolution in India during the second half of 2021. Ambani also said that Jio's 5G services would be a testimony to Atmanirbhar Bharat's vision.

The third point made by Ambani is that he is confident that India will lead the fourth industrial revolution. Jio Platforms, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, with the help of its 20 startup partners, has jointly developed multiple world-class technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing and more. Jio focuses on creating internal solutions for various sectors of the Indian economy.

The last and fourth point raised by Ambani at the IMC is that he believes India will become one of the leading centers in the pioneering semiconductor industry. Several global companies are setting up manufacturing facilities in the country; this would allow India to be less dependent on large-scale imports in the technology sector.

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