Best Reliance Jio-In-Flight Connectivity packs Android/iPhone Apps


On selected airlines Reliance Jio In-Flight Connectivity Packs started are valid for one day with voice services, List of Partner Airlines. 

Private telecommunications in India Reliance Jio, India's largest telecom operator, unveiled three in-flight connectivity packages, that are said to be applicable to its 22 partner airlines. Onboard connectivity packages are priced between Rs 499 and Rs 999 with a one day validity. The operator stressed that incoming calls are not allowed in on-board connectivity packages and that data rates "may vary from one airline to another". 

Best Reliance Jio-In-Flight Connectivity packs Android/iPhone Apps

The operator has included data, SMS and outbound minutes with its onboard packages, however it was said that voice services would only be available on some airlines. AeroMobile is rumored to be Reliance Jio's aircraft roaming partner.

Reliance jio prepaid recharge introduces onboard connectivity packs

The entry-level onboard connectivity package priced at Rs 499 allows users to browse 250MB of data along with 100 voice calls and 100 SMS.

Additionally, the operator revealed a mid-tier package priced at Rs 699 and a higher tier package priced at Rs 999. The mid-tier package carries over the SMS and voice benefits of the entry-level package, but improves the limit of data to 500 MB.

The tier one package allows users to browse up to 1GB of data with the same voice and SMS benefits as the entry-level package.

The operator highlighted that the validity of one day in the on-board connectivity package translates into a period of 24 hours effective from the first use in an aircraft roaming network as part of the service. However, users will be charged for two days if the connecting flight has a different aircraft roaming network than the first flight.

The onboard connectivity packages are said to be Reliance Jio prepaid, but are also available to postpaid "Pre-on-post" users.

Reliance Jio in-flight connectivity packages applicable to 22 airlines

The operator stressed that its on-board connectivity packages are applicable on its 22 partner airlines with data, voice and SMS services said to be applicable on Air Serbia and Alitalia.

Users can also use voice, SMS and data services on Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Egypt Air, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Euro wings, Kuwait Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and SWISS. Uzbekistan Airways and Virgin Atlantic also allow Reliance Jio users with onboard connectivity packages to access all services such as data, voice and SMS.

Reliance Jio also highlighted that its users with onboard connectivity packages can access data and SMS services on Aer Lingus, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, TAP Air Portugal and Turkish Airlines.

It should be noted that in-flight connectivity services would only be applicable on selected routes and destinations of Reliance Jio's partner airlines.

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