Low-cost broadband plans from Airtel Xstream Fiber, ACT Fibernet, Tata Sky and JioFiber


Check out all the low cost broadband plans from Xstream Fiber, ACT Fiber, Tata Sky, and JioFiber

Broadband internet came to market very quickly. People are finally shunning fiber broadband technology and the market is seeing more and more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) join the fierce competition. 

Low-cost broadband plans from Airtel Xstream Fiber, ACT Fibernet, Tata Sky and JioFiber
Few of the companies that have firmly established themselves in the market are Bharati Airtel, Reliance Jio, Tata Sky, and ACT Fibernet and also public telecommunications BSNL. 

All of these companies offer a variety of fiber broadband plans that give their customers the flexibility to choose the best plan for them. Let's take a look at all the low-cost broadband plans from Xstream Fiber, ACT, Tata Sky, and JioFiber.

Airtel Xstream fiber broadband plans

Airtel Xstream Fiber plans are available in many cities of India. Every city gets Xstream Fiber standard plans and there is absolutely no difference in the price of the internet plans in any of the telecom circles. 

Airtel Xstream Fiber low cost broadband plan is the "Basic" plan. It comes for Rs 799 (excluding GST) and offers a speed of 100 Mbps with 150GB of monthly data. There is a unique Airtel Xstream Premium OTT benefit and other Airtel Thanks benefits are also included. The user can opt for Airtel Xstream fiber unlimited data by paying an additional Rs 299 per month.

ACT Fibernet plans for home and office

ACT Fibernet plans are present in most Tier 1 cities in India, as well as some Tier 2 cities. We will focus on the plans offered by ACT in Bengaluru. All other telecommunication circles have different, but not very different basic plan pricing. 

In Bengaluru, "ACT Swift" is ACT Fibernet's low cost broadband plan. It offers a speed of 40 Mbps with a total of 200 GB of data per month. Comes for Rs 710 (excluding GST).

Low cost Tata sky broadband plans

Tata Sky is now also in the broadband Internet market. It also offers a low cost broadband internet plans in India. It is priced at Rs 790 (excluding GST) and comes with 150GB of data per month at a speed of 50Mbps. 

The customer gets a free router, but has to pay for the installation costs. Data transfer function is also available along with secure storage.

Low cost Jio fiber net plans 

JioFiber is also a popular name in the Indian broadband internet market. It offers a low cost broadband plan for Rs 699 (excluding tax). It is called the "Bronze" plan. The plan has a speed of 100 Mbps and data of 100 GB each month. 

For the first month at this time, the user will receive 350GB of data due to the current offer. There are many benefits such as voice calls, TV video calls, games, home networking, and device security included in the plan. 

Along with that, the customer would get a three-time subscription to JioCinema and JioSaavn. Also included is a home gateway + a set-top box.

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