BSNL simplifies base tariff plan for prepaid mobile plans

The Advance PV 94 and Advance PV 95 plans will serve as the base tariff plan for multiple BSNL vouchers.

Public Telecommunications in India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) announced the modification of the basic plan tariff for multi plan vouchers (PV) and first recharge coupons (FRC) to the PV94 and PV95 plans.
BSNL simplifies base tariff plan for prepaid mobile plans
The development was shared by the BSNL Tariff on its website with the operator who stressed that the changes will take effect on July 23. The operator positioned the Advance Per Minute PV 94 and Advance Per Second PV 95 plans as the base tariff for over 10 BSNL coupons. The PV94 and PV95 plans were introduced by the operator in the second week of July.

Base bsnl tariff plans tariff for multiple vouchers revised

The public telecom operator said that the bsnltariff of the basic plan FRC 107 together with PV186, PV365, PV485, PV997, PV999, PV1699, PV1999 and PV2399 will be changed to the PV94 plan. BSNL has stated that the PV94 basic plan tariff replaces the PV75 plan tariff which served as the basic plan tariff for various Prepaid plan vouchers and First recharge coupons for prepaid.

In addition, the base prepaid plan tariff for PV153, PV429 and PV666 will also change from the current tariff to the PV94 plan.

The Voucher plan 94 and Voucher plan 95 plans offered users 3GB data and 100 minutes of free voice call service to any network in India. The 3GB data is said to be valid for 90 days, while the operator also included national roaming during the same period. In addition, the operator also offers a free call ringtone installation service (PRBT) for 60 days.

In addition to the free calls on the PV94 plan, BSNL charges users Rs 1 per minute for local calls and Rs 1.3 per minute for STD calls. Costs for PV94 plan data are set at Rs 0.25 per MB, while video calls are charged at Rs 2 per minute for local and STD calls.

The operator also charges Rs 0.80 for local SMS and Rs 1.20 for national SMS. BSNL said that voice calls will be charged at Rs 0.80 per minute for local calls and Rs 1.15 per minute for STD calls when roaming. Incoming voice calls while roaming in the BSNL network would be free for users, while incoming video calls are charged 1 R per minute.

However, users traveling in the Vodafone circle in Delhi will be charged Rs 0.45 per minute for voice calls, while active user data vouchers will not be valid during roaming conditions.

BSNL replaces the basic prepaid plan tariffs of multiple per second plans

The operator also announced that the base plan prepaid tariff for the FRC 106 and PV108 plans will be changed from the PV74 plan to the PV95 plan.

BSNL points out that users of the PV95 plan will be charged Rs 0.02 per second for local calls and Rs 0.024 per second for STD calls. The operator charges Rs 0.04 per second for local and STD video calls.

The basic data and SMS charges in the PV95 plan together with the voice roaming calls are identical to the PV94 plan. However, users of the PV95 plan will be charged Rs 0.05 per second for local video calls, STDs and incoming roaming calls.

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