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Airtel Xstream Box Payback scheme lives in various cities on Xstream fiber

The additional data and free installation schemes on Airtel xstream fiber broadband plans available in selected cities.

Bharti Airtel listed the Airtel Xstream Set-Top Box (STB) refundable security deposit system in the dedicated airtel xstream fiber plans section of its website. The refundable deposit scheme allows Airtel Xstream Fiber users to purchase the STB Xstream for Rs 1500.

Airtel Xstream Box Payback scheme lives in various cities on Xstream fiber
Users who purchase the STB Xstream through the refundable deposit scheme can return the STB after 12 months of active use and receive the amount paid upon installation. The refundable deposit scheme was previously exclusive to users of the One Airtel plan and the company has now extended the scheme to users of Xstream Fiber.

Airtel Xstream fiber plans are now eligible for the Xstream STB refundable deposit system
The company stated that users of Xstream Fiber in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Pune, Ahmedabad and Surat are now eligible to purchase Xstream STB under the refundable deposit system.

It should be noted that the company requires Xstream STB users to purchase a minimum Direct-to-Home (DTH) subscription package of Rs 360 per month. In addition, the company in its terms and conditions has pointed out that users who return Xstream STB in less than 12 months will not receive the refundable deposit.

Airtel currently offers three-month free access to Airtel Xstream and Zee5 applications to those users who purchase Xstream STB as part of the "introductory offer". The company also offers a one-year warranty which is worth Rs 100 for its registered users of the refundable deposit system.

Airtel Xstream STB plans with Android 9 allows users to view DTH channels and Over-the-top (OTT) content on a single device. Xstream STB plans airtel includes integrated Chromecast and Google Assistant along with support for over 5,000 apps via the Google Play Store. The company rated Airtel Xstream STB at Rs 3999. However, Airtel Thanks users can purchase Xstream STB at the price of Rs 2249.

Airtel offers additional data and a free installation scheme for other Xstream Fiber cities
It should be noted that the company currently offers additional 1000GB or 1TB data for six months to new Xstream Fiber users in Chennai, Cochin and Ernakulam. In several other Xstream Fiber cities, the company currently offers free installation and discounts of up to 15% to new users who subscribe to half-yearly and annual plans. However, the bonus data and the free installation scheme are said to be valid limited period.

It remains to be seen whether the company extends its refundable deposit scheme on Xstream STB to other Xstream Fiber cities after the bonus data expires and the free installation offer.

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