Reliance Jio Free data 2020 daily upto 2GB validity increased for 4 days

Prepaid customers can get free data 2020 upto 2G per day in the 'Jio Data Pack scheme' during lockdown period in 2020.

Reliance Jio introduced a new free data package called "Jio Data Pack" last month with 2 GB of daily data benefits offered. The limited-time internet package was credited to users accounts without notice at the end of March. The same package returns with the same data advantage.

Prepaid customers can get free data 2020 upto 2G per day in the 'Jio Data Pack scheme' during lockdown period in 2020
Yes, Reliance Jio re-credits "Jio Data Pack" to the prepaid account of some users with a four-day validity. It allows users to consume 2 GB of additional data usage in addition to the data advantage of their existing data package.

Prepaid Jio users can check the availability of Jio Data Pack offer on their mobile number in the "My plans" section of the MyJio mobile application available on Jio's official website or Google play store. The telecom company led by Mukesh Ambani started crediting the Jio Data Pack on April 27th, so the expiration date would be May 1st or May 2nd or 3rd, depending on when it was credited to customers prepaid account.

Reliance Jio Free Data Pack is back again with an overall 8GB data usage

In the past, we have seen Reliance Jio provide a free 2 GB daily data benefit to its prepaid users during the first anniversary celebrations in 2017. The company offered an 8 GB total data advantage for three consecutive months. And now, it has reported the same offer to reliance jio prepaid users.

Jio prepaid customers get 2 GB of free data per day in the "Jio Data Pack". Keep in mind that the package is randomly credited to Jio accounts, so it is very likely that you will not receive it. You can check the availability of the Jio Data Pack through the My Jio app.

As for other details, Reliance Jio started crediting the package on April 27 for some and April 28 for some and the validity would be four days from the accreditation date, which would be 1st May or 2nd May.

Some users are receiving the Jio Data Pack daily, so its validity would be May 3rd. During the offer period, Jio customers can consume an additional 2 GB of data per day in addition to the data benefit of their existing plan. For example, if you have an Rs 599 prepaid plan that offers data of 1.5 GB per day, you can consume a total of 3.5 GB of data per day during the validity of the Jio data package.

Reliance Jio continues to encourage work from home

Previously, this was not the first time that Reliance Jio offered the "Free Jio Data Pack" as we saw the same credit package in user accounts last month. The reason why Reliance Jio provides subscribers with free data could be to encourage them to work from home and also to stay indoors during this difficult period.

As everyone knows, India is completely blocked until May 3, but it could spread as positive cases of Covid 19 Coronavirus in the country continue to increase at a rapid pace.

The telephone company already offers free benefits to JioPhone prepaid plan users. The company also started offering a 10Mbps Free Jio Fiber plan at no additional cost along with shipping double data on all JioFiber plans.

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