Reliance Jio Prepaid plan 149 enhanced benefit to Non-Jio numbers

Reliance Jio Prepaid plan 149 is updated to include free calls to other networks. Only a month after Reliance announced that Jio users will have to start paying for calls to other networks

In October, Jio announced that it would start charging its users for calls to other networks, with the premise of "interconnecting user costs" that TRAI was charging. This came as a surprise to many users, as they expected Jio to continue offering free calls to everyone as part of their existing plans. Users were told to maintain a minimum balance if they wanted to continue calls to other networks, which would now cost 6 paisa per minute.

Reliance Jio Prepaid plan 149 enhanced benefit under Voice calling segment to Non-Jio mobile numbers
In a policy change, Jio has now updated his popular Rs 149 plan. Previously it is offering 28 days validity and provided users with 1.5 GB of data per day, 100 SMS and unlimited calls to other Jio users. Calls to other networks have been paid.

The updated Rs 149 plan is only valid for 28 days, continues to offer 1.5 GB of daily data, 100 SMS and unlimited calls from Jio to Jio, in addition to 300 minutes of calls to other networks. As always, free access to Jio TV and Jio Cinema is also included.

Joining the Rs 149 plan, Jio also introduced new All-In-One plans with a price of Rs 222, 333, 444 and 555, with various validity, data limits and calls. As always, the most expensive plans have better value for money. Unlimited voice calls to other Jio users are standard in all areas.

The Rs 222 plan is valid for 28 days, includes 2 GB of daily data and 1,000 minutes of calls to other users.

Similarly, the Rs 333 All-in-One plan is valid for 56 days with 2 GB of 4G data every day and 1,000 minutes of calls to non-Jio subscribers.

Jio's Rs 444 plan lasts 84 days with 2 GB of daily data, equivalent to a total of 156 GB. One Kilo minutes of voice calls to other networks are included.

The Rs 555 plan is the first-line All-In-One plan, which provides 2 GB of data for 84 days, 100 daily SMS messages and 3,000 minutes of calls to non-Jio networks.

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