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Tatak Sky Offers: Watch Live Subscribers will get above 400 live TV channels

Although Tata Sky has its own self-care application for mobile users, subscribers on a laptop or PC can access live TV and other features using Tata Sky Watch.

Tatak Sky Offers: Watch Live Subscribers will get above 400 live TV channels
The Tata Sky self-care app is very popular and is used by almost all Tata Sky subscribers to change channel packages, change the subscription or profile configuration or even watch live TV. One of the best features offered by the Tata Sky self-care application is that it allows subscribers to watch live TV in the app itself. So, in the event that subscribers only have their own telephone and cannot access a program on television, they have the opportunity to see it on their phone. However, many Tata Sky subscribers also want to access these programs and the functionality of the Tata Sky application on their laptop or PC. For them, Tata Sky has a solution in the form of a Watch service. For more information on the Tata Sky Watch service, read below.

Tata Sky Watch service: how to Signup and Log in

The Tata Sky Watch service is a convenient solution for all Tata Sky subscribers who wish to access Tata Sky's live TV service on their laptop or PC. While the live TV channels offered by Tata Sky are easily accessible from a smartphone thanks to the Tata Sky Mobile application, users who want to watch programs on a slightly larger screen in case they do not have access to a TV Use the service Tata Sky Watch. To do this, subscribers will first have to open the Tata Sky Watch website.

Here, users will find that the website is divided into a handful of subsections that include Home, Live TV, On Demand, Watch-list and My Box. Now, to take full advantage of the website, Tata Sky subscribers will need to access the Watch service. By tapping the Sign in button, users can log in via the registered mobile number in combination with an OTP or Tata Sky login password.

Other features of Tata Sky Watch

In the home section, subscribers will receive advice on programs that will include Live Sports, Live News, Children's TV Programs, Live TV Shows, Weekly Selection and more. Subscribers will also be able to access Tata Sky services in this section. The second section users will like is the live TV section, where they can watch live channels to access their favorite programs and movies. This section can also be explored through genres, so users will find it convenient to search for what they want to see. In addition, the service will provide users with access to on-demand content and features such as the Checklist.

One of the best features of the Watch website will be that it will allow subscribers access to the MyBox section where subscribers can view the complete programming of the channels, which is running on a particular channel and on upcoming programs.

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