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Female Travelers Before Booking Cab follow these Safety Measures

Woman's safety while on travel Protecting apps like 'Hawkeye' specially designed by Telangana Police. In case of emergency you better to share your place in the app and press 'SOS' button for immediate police response
Ladies Do you ever have a cab? Or booked? At that time you will be using your Smartphone! In the form of harassment you are in danger. In all cases it is not possible to say that the danger is not there. Here few safety measures ensures you to travel in cab.

If you want to go anywhere in the city, you have to go to the bus stop near the colony. Otherwise you should get any rikshaw auto to reach your destination like Office or in return to Home. Now the scenario has been changed Cab services are available where you can book from home appears in front of you instantly with your Smartphone and also in return to the home where we can reach.
Travel charges of Cab are also affordable compare to auto services. Traveling through cabs makes it easier to go anywhere in the city. There are two flaws to the coin. In some cases these travels creates few problems. Most of the victim travelers are women. To what extent these problems or harassment for women facing while traveling through CAB? 
Female Travelers Before Booking Cab follow these Safe Measures

What are the measures and safety rules to be followed to get rid of cab harassment? Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) working under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Usually to avail cab service you just need to install CAB apps in your smartphone like OLA, UBER etc. After installing need to register with your mobile and login to the app and enter the destination details automatically with a OTP along with driver details and fare will be displayed and reaches in-front of you to drop to your destination. 

If the cab booked after entering the dropping details in the app, the company ownership shares our information/number to the relevant cab driver near to you. The cab driver calls for your telephone number for exact location to pick up the order. If the cab driver misuse your details and shares your information with other non registered cabs without cancelling your order then we're in trouble. 

If cab driver finds the mobile number belongs to women then there is chances of risk to abuse. If the victims complain about this type of harassment on those employees to concerned company along with the police there might be strict action may take against cab drivers. 

Women's need to take safety measures while traveling in night hours or long drive while booking a CAB to escape from harassment. That is why ISEA suggests that proper precautions needed. The Hyderabad CDAKk ISEA Project Manager-2 IL Nasarimha rao suggested that women should take cabs and take care of them when traveling.

These safety measures are good

  • Getting some precautions when catching cabs online can escape complications.
  • Holding of two Smartphones: At present, most of the people using Dual SIM card phones simultaneous with two sims slots. Besides. One is better to use only Internet services and another one to make phone calls.
  • Driver ratings: After the cab book, the information that we have assigned to the driver comes to our doorstep. At that time, check the ratings given by other users to the driver. If the ratings do not go well, it's possible to reject.
  • Location Share: If you have a cab, then you have to share the vehicle details with live whatsapp live location details to your family members or friends.
  • Check Navigation: Does the vehicle travel as indicated in navigation? Or is the driver going on a different path? Be sure to check. If you noticed anything going wrong it is better to call 'Dial 100'.
  • Do not chit-chat: Do not chit-chat with the driver after the cab board. Until then he is a stranger so it is difficult to predict what his behavior is, so be limited. Do not speak if its necessary.
  • Your Honesty Hawkeye: Woman's safety while on travel Protecting apps like 'Hawkeye' specially designed by Telangana Police. In case of emergency you better to share your place in the app and press 'SOS' button for immediate police response.

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