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Free Zomato Gold Subscription for Vodafone Postpaid plans above Rs.499

Free Zomato Gold Subscription for Vodafone Postpaid plans above Rs.499 on account of Women's day and When it comes to postpaid offers, it is almost impossible to beat Vodafone India.

Free Zomato Gold Subscription for Vodafone Postpaid plans above Rs.499
The telecommunications company has aggressively partnered with other service providers to offer additional benefits with the RED range of postpaid plans. With the offer of another option for consumers to choose the postpaid Vodafone network plans, the telecommunications company in the United Kingdom has now been associated with Zomato and offers subscribers a free Gold membership for free. As you may know, the RED range of the Vodafone postpaid network starts at Rs 399 and goes to Rs 2,999. And the plans with prices above Rs 499 will come with a free subscription to Zomato for six months. For those who do not know, Zomato Gold is a premium subscription presented by Zomato last year and offers additional benefits for users. Vodafone presented this offer on the occasion of International Women's Day.

Vodafone RED Postpaid Offer with Zomato Gold Subscription

Firstly, it is worth noting that the membership of the Zomato gold comes only with the postpaid Vodafone network plans with more than Rs 499. In particular the price, the telecommunications company pushing the free Amazon Prime subscription, even with the Postpaid plan Rs 399, but this is not the case with the Zomato Gold Membership. In addition, the subscription to Zomato Gold that Vodafone postpaid customers will get six months validity. If you have a Vodafone network plan paying monthly Postpaid bill with a price of Rs 499 or more, then you will be eligible for free posting of Gold Zomato Subscription for six months.

However, the best part is that Vodafone also offers the Zomato gold membership with 499 monthly plan. Unfortunately, this offer is only available for new postpaid Vodafone users who opt for plans with more than Rs 499 rental.

"This offer gives six months of free subscription for Zomato Gold from Zomato Media Private Limited to eligible subscribers," says Vodafone.

How to activate the subscription to Zomato Gold through the postpaid Vodafone RED plan?

If you are on a monthly vodafone plan you are eligible for Vodafone RED Zomato Gold and you are looking for an activation process, you are in the right place. If you are eligible for the Zomato offer gold, Vodafone will send you an invitation code only after activation of the SIM (since the offer is only valid for new users). After receiving the code, download the Zomato app and touch the Zomato Gold banner.

Once you are on the Zomato Gold page, enter the unique invitation code received through SMS and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase. The subscription to Zomato Gold will be valid for a period of six months from the date of activation, says Vodafone.

Vodafone continues to drive the postpaid segment

In the current scenario, there is no reason for a telecommunications subscriber to postpaid because prepaid offers are much cheaper. However, telecommunications companies are trying to capture consumers' attention by offering different offers. Beginning with Netflix and Amazon Prime memberships, Vodafone now offers Zomato gold membership for six months to subscribers, giving them another reason to choose the telecommunications company.

Speaking of offers, Vodafone is pushing a subscription to Amazon Prime of Rs 999 for one year, all postpaid plans, including Rs 399 each. By entering the Netflix membership, users can avail of postpaid Vodafone RED plans for more than Rs 999. In addition, all postpaid Vodafone plans include a free subscription to Vodafone Play and other Amazon coupons as well Zomato coupons etc.

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