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Tata Sky Shorts TV platform launched monthly fee plan at Rs 75

Tata Sky, one of India's leading DTH providers has collaborated with the world's first 24/7 short film ShortsTV, to launch Tata Sky ShortsTV.

Tata Sky Shorts TV platform was launched with a monthly fee of Rs 75
The new Tata Sky ShortsTV platform will be dedicated exclusively to short films and stories. This new Tata Sky service will be the first of its kind in Asia and will provide approximately 600 hours of new and unique shortened stories to which Tata Sky subscribers can also access easily.

Tata Sky also detailed that Tata Sky ShortsTV is a limited time offer and will be available to viewers until Tata Sky intimates further notice on the platform.

Tata Sky ShortsTV until the subscription to Rs 75 per month

The famous DTH provider has also announced that it will provide this new service for free for a period of five days on promotional testing basis to subscribers. After Trial period expiration, the subscription will cost Rs 75 per month. Tata Sky ShortsTV will provide 2000 premium titles, which will include titles such as the best of the Oscars, Cannes, etc. Not only that, but the service will also include Indian and witty stories and films. The short films and stories that Tata Sky ShortsTV will present will be acclaimed in all genres of comedy, drama, suspense, mystery, crime and adventure, to name a few. In addition, Tata Sky subscribers will be able to capture these short films and stories not only on television, but will also be able to see them through the Tata Sky mobile app.

During the launch of the new ShortsTV service, Arun Unni, Chief Content Executive to Tata Sky said, that despite the popularity there was no single platform for existing short films and stories.
He also Said, "The Tata Sky ShortsTV aims to be the destination where you may lookafter the items over 2000 of the best short films in the world on a 24 x 7 basis. We are proud to partner with 'Shorts TV', who has worked hard for over a year to locate the proposal with over 500 Indian short films ".

The first television platform of its kind for stories and films

Carter Pilcher, CEO of Shorts International, also said during the launch. "We are delighted to partner with Tata Sky are India's cutting edge content distributor and, as evidenced by the launch of Tata Sky ShortsTV, they are far ahead of the new Tata Sky ShortsTV service is a fantastic addition to its value-added service portfolio added and will be a great success for the millenarian public and for those who love the best films ".

According to information provided by Tata Sky, HD interested Sky Tata subscribers can call 89041 89041 from the registered mobile number to activate this new service, while the connection of other SD users can make a lost call to 89044 89044. After registration, the Tata Sky channel The ShortsTV will be live on channel 112 for SD subscribers and on channel number 113 to access the service.

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