Every month Jio 4G download speed falling in TRAI Internet Speed test

Reliance Jio stood first place in the monthly Trai speed test reports almost every month during 2017, but as of March 2018, the download speeds of telecommunications have collapsed and the same is continue in May 2018. 

Reliance jio internet speed falling drastically
Trai recently updated the test results of the MySpeed ​​applications on its portal, which show that Jio's 4G download speeds decreased during April 2018, for the second consecutive month. The average download speed in the Jio 4G network in April 2018 was 14.7 Mbps, down from the 17.9 Mbps in March of this year. While Jio still has higher download speeds than other telephone companies, the decrease in download speed has become a concern for the telecommunications company. In addition, Trai worked to improve the test methodology of his MySpeed ​​application, which could be another reason. During April 2018, Airtel secured its second position with an average download speed of 9.2 Mbps in a 4G network, followed by Idea Cellular with 7.4 Mbps and Vodafone with 7.1 Mbps.

Vodafone and Jio reported that their download speeds decreased during April 2018, while Airtel and Idea Cellular saw their 4G download speed increase. Airtel's speed increased 0.4 Mbps to 9.2 Mbps from 8.8 Mbps in March 2018, while Idea's average download speed increased by 0.7 Mbps from 6.7 Mbps to 7. 4 Mbps in the same period.

For those unaware, the Trai data showed that Jio reached an average speed of 4G of 25.6 Mbps in December 2017, while the speed of all other operators was less than 10 Mbps. This is something that will worry Jio in the middle and the May 2018 report also registered a low 4G download speed.
Focusing on to the upload speed segment, Idea Cellular guides the graph with an average speed of 6.5 Mbps. Airtel and Reliance Jio have secured the third and fourth place with an average upload speed of 4 Mbps and 3, 7 Mbps in the network 4G Vodafone registered an average upload speed of 5.2 Mbps in the 4G network.

In the 3G download speed segment, Airtel handles the graph with an average speed of 2.6 Mbps, followed closely by other operators such as Idea Cellular (2.5 Mbps), Vodafone (2.3 Mbps) and BSNL (2 Mbps).

Reliance Jio has been leading for months, according to the MySpeed ​​application of Trai. But other portals such as OpenSignal, Ookla, have rated Airtel as the fastest operator in the country.

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