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Facebook releases Teens only standalone app Lifestage for iPhone users

Giant social media Facebook has announced the launch of Lifestage an app for iPhone teenage users to encourage to use facebook more.

Fcebook stated that the users of the app should be below 21 years old and anyone can download the app but the profile visits of others are limited to teenagers.

User doesn’t nee to signup with facebook profile account just they have to verify their mobile number and email ID. The questions will begin to unlock, related to user likes, dislikes, dance styles, or different features of character which can be replied with videos.

User can access to create own bio videos, the teens can watch the clips of their classmate with a minimum of 20 people subscribed the app from the same school. There more features allow teens to skip few sections of answers or swipe through them. Teens will be notified whenever a student uploads profile video. 

Once your school is unlocked, you can access the profiles of others in your school community so you can updates people better in your school. Life stage makes it easy and fun to share a visual profile video with you school network.

Michael Sayman, Manager cum creator of facebook youngest product said, ‘This app specially designed to replicate the good old days of Facebook with just college students on board'.

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