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Chat on Your Smartphone without Internet Connection

When chat with someone on your Smartphone you required Cellular Network or WiFi Internet data connection. 

Chat on Your Smartphone without Internet Connection
But, have heard that without internet connection you can easily connect and chat with your friends, relatives and more through a mobile app. Smartphone Android enabled users can chat on mobile without having internet connection through FireChat mobile app. Users can visit Google play store to download and install on mobile app at free of cost.

After installing Firechat mobile app on smartphone device users can use it anytime and anywhere. With help of Bluetooth, WiFi, peer-to-peer communication tools this mobile app works. 

Through Firechat user has access to send messages as well images. In addition, private messages, live chat rooms, including features like group messages are available on Firechat.

Recently due to heavy rain and Floods hit Chennai people surviving under water, everybody knows. The city itself has turned into a small river of Chennai. During this situation many people out there through their smartphones are connected without any internet connection by live Firechat. Totally communication setup has damaged in Chennai and people shared information with each other through Firechat.

Download FireChat from Google play stores

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