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New Baseball look CAP manage your Smartphone device with Voice command

Sydney based industrialist Will Miller designed a new baseball look Cap to control Smartphone device with voice commands via Bluetooth connectivity.

The smartphone user’s wares this baseball look cap allows to control voice control of a paired device known as Snaptrax but features a Bluetooth module, microphone and speakers built into the corners of the cap just above the peak.

Using this newly designed Cap mobile the wearer can make and receive calls, respond to texts and emails and control music, with a button panel on the side to operate volume and pairing, 'Gizmag' reported.

The project Snaptrax is under in early stage and owner and his team are working through the technical details regarding the battery and charging capacities.

In statement Miller said "Obviously we don't want the whole lining to be filled with batteries. It has to be comfortable. We are aiming for around a 90 minute charge time and a couple of days use at a time," and the cap is available in four varying combinations of red and black and the makers will begin shipping in next year 2015 end of January.

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