Airtel broadband plans: 300 Mbps broadband plan offers bundled features


Under airtel unlimited broadband plans the company offers its users upto 3.3TB or 3333GB of Fair Use Policy (FUP) data with airtel 300mbps plan. It should be noted that the speed offered to users is uniform.

Telecom Tariff Highlights

  • Airtel has included this plan for professionals
  • Airtel offers 3.3 TB of data to users with this plan
  • Multiple OTT benefits are included.

Airtel broadband plans
Bharti Airtel leading private telecom Internet service provider in India offering high speed internet connection through wired fiber services. At the same time, the telecommunications company has built a very strong business in the broadband segment. 

Airtel Xstream Fiber, a broadband arm of Bharti Airtel, is already one of the largest fiber Internet service providers (ISPs) in India. Bharti Airtel offers multiple plans for users to choose from. If there is one plan that has caught the attention of many professionals, it is the Rs 1,499 plan. 

If you are looking to get a 300 Mbps high speed broadband plan or a high speed internet plan, this is for you.

Bharti Airtel 300Mbps broadband plan details

At Rs.1499 per month Bharat Airtel 300mbps plan offers high 3333GB free data usage with OTT benefits in a single package. The telecommunications company does not change the price of the plan from one circle to another. 

One great thing about Airtel services, from my personal experience, is consistency. The uptime of the network is excellent. There are maintenance locks, but they are very rare, perhaps two or three times a year for a few hours.

Airtel offers users 3.3TB or 3.333GB of Fair Use Policy (FUP) data with the plan. It should be noted that the speed offered to users is uniform. Get the same download and upload speed with this plan.

In addition, Airtel Xstream Fiber also offers a free landline connection with unlimited benefits for voice calls. Over-the-top (OTT) benefits are also included. 

The OTT benefits are: Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy for one year, and other Airtel Thanks benefits.

Bharti Airtel also allows users to get Xstream Box by paying a fully refundable one-time fee of Rs 1,500. The total cost would be around Rs 2,000 because a DTH package will also be included so that the STB can remain active.

Airtel has included this plan for "professionals". Note that this does not mean that you cannot take this plan if you are not a professional in some field. 

The point is, not everyone requires 300 Mbps plans. But if you are someone who needs them, this plan from Bharti Airtel might be the best option for you. 

It's not just about the benefits you get with the plan, it's also about the quality and peace of mind of the business after purchasing the plan. Airtel will install the connection for free for you and also provide a router at no extra cost if you meet certain criteria.

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