Vodafone Idea Broadband Plans unlimited from You Broadband


New Unlimited broadband plans Vodafone Idea launched in the selected telecom circles in which it operates via You broadband services. 

Customers largely ignored Vi when it comes to broadband services, as telecommunications did not offer competitive broadband plans.

Vodafone Idea was recently launched and has started revamping its broadband business across the country. 

Vodafone Idea Broadband Plans

The company has introduced new you broadband unlimited data plans in the main telecom circles in which it operates. 

Customers have largely ignored Vi when it comes to broadband services, as telecommunications did not offer competitive broadband plans. 

But now that has all changed since telecommunications revamped its broadband tariff plans, and the recently introduced unlimited data plans are just as competitive as Reliance Jio's or Bharti Airtel's plans. There are some Vi plans that quickly become a permanent agreement for users. Let's take a look at all those plans.

Vodafone Idea broadband plans that are the best deal

First of all, please note that Vi runs its broadband business through its subsidiary known as You Broadband. 

You Broadband only offers services in certain areas of the country. The final plans we are focusing on are available in Ahmedabad from now on. The same plans could be extended by the telecommunications company to other parts of the country. To check the availability of these plans in your area, you can visit the You Broadband website.

Anyway, the plans we are talking about are the 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps speed plans. There are two other plans offered by the company in the circle with 30 Mbps and 75 Mbps speeds. However, these two are not. as required as the three mentioned above.

The reason these plans are the best deal is for two reasons: a) the price they are offered at and b) the benefits they provide to users. It's worth noting that all plans have a Fair Use Policy (FUP) limit of 3.5TB or 3,500GB of data.

The 50 Mbps plan starts at Rs 679 per month, which also includes the fee. The same plan is also available for longer validity periods with bonus days on offer. The other two plans with speeds of 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps start at Rs 826 and 1,062 per month, and the price of these plans also includes taxes.

This is essentially the same price for the plans that Jio and Airtel offer their users. But because these plans have a better FUP limit, they become even better than the Jio and Airtel offerings. It also provides users with a Wi-Fi router and modem, but charges a deposit amount for the same, which is refundable while the connection is disconnected. In addition, the company excludes installation costs for selected floors.

These Plans There are the best broadband deals where users also want over-the-top (OTT) benefits from their broadband connection. It does not offer you a single OTT advantage with its plans in any circle of the country. Perhaps this is something you can improve on.

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