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ACT Fibernet Unlimited broadband plans start offerings in Hyderabad

ACT Fibernet plans in Hyderabad: The company has started offering unlimited data benefit with two broadband plans in Hyderabad city.

After revising the broadband plans in Chennai with unlimited data benefit, ACT Fibernet has now made an equivalent changes to its plans in Hyderabad city. 

ACT Fibernet plans in Hyderabad

The Bengaluru-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) now has two broadband plans in Hyderabad with unlimited data, but as everyone could be conscious of by now, there’s indeed a FUP limit of three point three i.e 3.3TB on unlimited data broadband plans. 

ACT Fibernet’s broadband plans in Hyderabad start at Rs 500 and that they go all the high to Rs 5,999 offering 1Gbps speeds. The A-Max 700 plan aka the foremost Popular plan in Hyderabad now features a very decent FUP limit of 1TB, whereas the Rs 1,075 plan ships with 2TB FUP limit monthly going forward. 

The new plans are already active in the town and therefore the existing customers will start to ascertain revised FUP limit as soon as their billing cycle renews.

2021 Latest ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans in Hyderabad

Starting with the A-Max 500 broadband plan, it comes with a monthly rental of Rs 500 and offers 500GB of knowledge at 40 Mbps speeds, after which the speeds are going to be reduced to 512 Kbps. 

Next up, we've the ‘Most Popular’ A-Max 700 broadband plan that gives 75 Mbps speeds, 1TB of FUP limit and 1 Mbps after FUP speeds. After FUP, speeds on ACT Fibernet in Hyderabad remain low.
The A-Max 1075 plan comes with 150 Mbps speeds till 2TB FUP limit, post which the speeds are going to be right down to just 3Mbps. 

The A-Max 1325 and Incredible 1999 plans priced at Rs 1,325 and Rs 1,999 offer 300 Mbps and 400 Mbps speeds. These are the 2 broadband plans in Hyderabad with unlimited data benefit. ACT Fibernet also increased the speeds on A-Max 1325 and Incredible 1999 plans which may be a good thing to ascertain. 

The A-Max 1325 broadband plan takes on JioFiber and Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 1,499 plans with an equivalent 300 Mbps speeds and unlimited data benefit. We expect the Rs 1,325 decide to gain some specialized popularity within the coming months.

Lastly, we've the ACT Giga broadband plan with 1Gbps speeds, 6GTB of FUP limit and 12 Mbps after FUP limit. The plan costs Rs 5,999 per month. Do make a note that the costs mentioned above are excluding 18% GST.

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