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WhatsApp step down and delays the implementation of a new privacy policy

Following the detailed blog post, it's clear that WhatsApp's new privacy policy won't go into effect until at least May 15th.

WhatsApp has officially announced that it is delaying the implementation of the new privacy policy by at least three months. In a new blog post, the Facebook-owned company said it will allow users to review the new policy at their own pace before the new business options go into effect on May 15.

WhatsApp's new privacy policy

WhatsApp previously mentioned that users will need to accept the privacy policy. before February 8 to continue using the instant messaging platform. WhatsApp's decision comes after the massive backlash received by both users and the media. WhatsApp detailed the privacy policy a couple of days ago via the FAQ, but we believe the damage has already been done.

That's why WhatsApp delayed the implementation of its new privacy policy
Following the detailed blog post, it is clear that the new privacy policy will not come into effect at least before May 15th. WhatsApp says "there has been a lot of misinformation" regarding its new update and the company aims to help everyone understand principles and facts.

WhatsApp has always been transparent in one respect: what you share with our friends / family stays with you. WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, and the company says the new policy update won't make any changes to the encryption. As per latest information on their official blog whatsapp mentioned that, the company reiterated that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can view private messages.

The new policy does not make changes to private messaging on WhatsApp. Instead, the update includes new options that people will need to send to a business on WhatsApp and provides greater transparency on how you collect and use data. That said, WhatsApp claims that not everyone is shopping with a business today, however it believes more people will choose to do so in the future. 

Furthermore, he stated that users should know about these services. Finally, WhatsApp said the update does not expand the ability to share data with Facebook.

As noted, WhatsApp is now resetting the date that people will be asked to review and accept the terms. He also confirmed that no users will have their account suspended or deleted on February 8th.

WhatsApp says it will also do many things to clear up misinformation about how privacy and security work on the platform. The new trading options will be available on May 15th. WhatsApp did not mention anything about users who have already accepted the new privacy policy.

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