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New terms and conditions of WhatsApp, what are we talking about?

WhatsApp recently updated their "Terms and Conditions" for using the app and people are angry about it.

WhatsApp, one of the largest social media platforms and text messaging apps, recently updated its "Terms and Conditions" for using the app and people are angry about it. Simply put, users have until February 8 to accept the terms and conditions, or they can say goodbye to the app. 

New terms and conditions of WhatsApp, what are we talking about?

The particular thing about the new terms and conditions that pisses everyone off is "sharing WhatsApp data" with Facebook. However, the "Privacy Policy" of the application remains the same, which means that none of the chat data will be shared with Facebook. So what will Facebook take from users'. WhatsApp data? Read on to find out.

What data will Facebook extract from WhatsApp?

Although Facebook will not have access to chat data from the texting platform, under the new terms and conditions, it will need a large amount of other users' personal data. Specifically, these data would be: the user's phone number, the details of the transaction of all payments made through WhatsApp, information on how a user interacts with companies, information relating to the service, IP address and information on the mobile device. What is peculiar is the collection of information about the hardware of the device by Facebook.

So why does Facebook collect data from WhatsApp?

Facebook has said it wants to improve the way users interact with its products. It aims to personalize ads for users. The company will share the collected data with the companies and explained how this will happen in the platform's "Company" privacy policy.

But that doesn't mean users need to worry about ads showing up on WhatsApp. Rumors about this incident were circulating in the internet community, but it seems the company isn't following that plan after all.

But yes, Facebook will use this data to improve the advertising experience of users across its set of products.

Does WhatsApp store messages?

For Private chat Users don't have to worry about their data getting into the wrong hands. WhatsApp does not store any messages. As soon as a message is sent to the recipient, it is removed from the servers. In the event that a message is not delivered, it can remain on the servers for up to 30 days, after which it will be deleted.

Many users have flocked to other texting apps since WhatsApp updated its terms and conditions. "Signal" is one of those applications that has benefited most from the success that WhatsApp has had to receive.

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