JioPostpaid Plus 1499 plan users to follow New Terms conditions


Reliance Jio's Rs 1,499 postpaid plan offers a number of benefits, but there are two terms and conditions worth knowing.

Leading private telecommunications company Reliance Jio has updated their terms and conditions under mobile services. Reliance JioPostpaid Plus plans have been on the market for over four months.

JioPostpaid Plus 1499 plan users to follow New Terms conditions

They start at Rs 399 and go up to Rs 1,499 per month. In addition to the JioPostpaid Plus plans, the telecommunications company also offers a postpaid basic plan of Rs 199 which does not provide free OTT subscriptions, complementary family connections and data transfer service. 

The 1,499 JioPostpaid Plus plan includes a number of benefits such as unlimited voice calls, free international roaming package with data benefit, 300GB per month data benefit with transfer up to 500GB and access to OTT apps such as Netflix, Disney + Hotstar VIP and Amazon Prime subscription.

However, there are a couple of terms and conditions worth considering if you're looking to get this plan and we've detailed them below.

JioPostpaid Plus Rs 1,499 plan: Detailed terms and conditions

You'll be really shocked, the first condition is the security deposit of Rs 1,800, Yes, Reliance Jio will charge Rs 1,800 to every customer who activates the postpaid Jio 1,499 plan. However, please note that the security deposit is refundable. 

Additionally, Jio states that the security deposit must be paid in advance and will be refundable after the customer clears all outstanding bills. The company says it will waive the security deposit upon onboarding customers after checking postpaid history / credit score.

Jio's counterpart, Bharti Airtel, does not charge a security deposit to users making local / STD calls, while for international roaming users, the telecom company charges 3,000 rupees as a refundable security deposit. On the other hand, Vodafone Idea charges Rs 99 as a one-time activation fee and Rs 199 as a security deposit refundable by all postpaid users.

The second and most important thing is that Rs 1,499 JioPostpaid Plus plan is the minimum subscription period. Reliance Jio says the customer doesn't have to change their plan or leave the network for six months. If a customer changes the network or switches to another JioPostpaid Plus plan, the telecom company will charge an amount of Rs 1499 (plus tax).

JioPostpaid Plus Rs 1,499 plan: detailed benefits

Reliance Jio's Rs 1,499 postpaid plan offers unlimited voice calls to any network in India, 300GB of data per month with transfer up to 500GB and 100 SMS per day. These are the basic benefits offered by the plan. Moving forward, the plan also includes benefits for international roaming. 

If a customer travels to the United States, they can enjoy 5GB of high-speed data and 500 minutes of incoming and outgoing voice calls. And the plan also offers 1GB UAE IR of high-speed data and 300 minutes of incoming and outgoing voice calls. Once the user consumes the 300GB data, the telecom company will charge Rs 10 per GB.

Finally, the Rs 1,499 plan also includes a Netflix Mobile subscription worth Rs 199, an Amazon Prime subscription of Rs 999 for one year, a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription worth Rs 399 and free access to Jio apps.

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