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Bharti Airtel automatic payment service will help prepaid users with their next recharge

Airtel's self-checkout service aims to help customers by automating their next recharge and recharging 3 days before their plan expires.

Private telecommunications company in India Bharti Airtel has improvised with their services and has long been one of the leading telecom operators in India. One of the things a customer is constantly worried about is to prepaid recharge with a new plan whenever their current plan approaches its expiration date. 

Bharti Airtel automatic payment service will help prepaid users with their next recharge

This is a constant pain for people who opt for Airtel prepaid plans with short term validity. But Airtel has something in store for its services that customers won't have to worry about reloading anytime soon. 

This is the "Automatic Payment" service for prepaid airtel customers. Previously it was something that was only offered to postpaid telecom customers, but this benefit is now also available to prepaid customers. Read more about the future story.

Airtel automatic payment service for prepaid users

Airtel's self-checkout service aims to help customers with their next prepaid recharge. The automatic payment service automates the next recharge for the customer. The automatic payment service ensures that a customer does not have to worry about recharging. You can add selected debit or credit cards and configure them as a means of payment for future extension recharges.

There are a few things to know about this system. Three days before the expiration date of your current plan, Airtel's automatic payment service will recharge your account and deduct the corresponding amount from your bank account. The customer will be notified of this transaction and the reload via SMS on his registered mobile number.

Customers don't have to worry about anything. Although the new package will be reloaded three days before the current one expires, the current one will work and finish on the expected day. All benefits of the new reloaded plan will only be activated when the customer's current / old plan expires.

There may be a situation where the customer forgets the automatic payment system. You can get a recharge through a retailer or by yourself using any online portal. During this period, the next recharge date using Airtel's automatic payment service will change to the expiry date of the plan you just charged.

If the customer is dissatisfied with Airtel's automatic payment service for any reason or simply doesn't want it anymore in general,they can get rid of it whenever user wants. All the customer has to do is log into their account in the Airtel application and disable automatic payment from the payment service settings. But for this to happen, the client has to activate it. This too can be done with the help of the Airtel app.

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